Chapter 401 - Seven Days

Chapter 401 – Seven Days

“Do you insist?” The Palace Spirit said as it apathetically looked at Lin Ming.

“Everything depends on effort!”

“Trying to complete the smelting trial hastily will only make it easier for you to die in the middle of the trials! However, since you insist, I will not stop you.” The Palace Spirit icily said. As a being from the Spirit race, it naturally lacked emotions. “I will be going to sleep. If you can survive and complete the fifth smelting trial, then you shall obtain a midway reward. At that time, I will awaken.”

After speaking these words, the Palace Spirit instantly vanished.

“The fifth smelting trial?” Lin Ming’s mind stirred. It seemed that the general level smelting trail was itself divided into different levels. With his current strength, just how far would he be able to reach in a single go?

As Lin Ming was thinking, the entire land beneath him began to tremble. Rocks rolled down the hills and a moment later, in the distance plains, red symbols began to light up. These red symbols were several dozen feet high and were crowded together, creating a long length of light. There were hundreds and thousands of them, extending all the way to the end of the horizon!

“This is… an array formation?”...

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