Chapter 399 - Realm of the Gods’ Language

Chapter 399 Realm of the Gods’ Language.


Chapter 399 – Realm of the Gods’ Language

Mu Dingshan was finally defeated by the half-step Xiantian red person. After doing his best and cutting off the red person’s arm, he was defeated by its sword.

However, what shocked Mu Dingshan was that after he cut off the red person’s arm, the section of the arm that was cut off burst into red lights. Some of the red lights scattered away, and some of them flowed into his body, numbing him. Not only did his injuries heal, but the true essence in his body became increasingly pure.

“This is…”

Mu Dingshan was astonished. The last time he had entered the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall, he hadn’t experienced such a scene. “Is it possible that if I jump realms to a certain degree, I can obtain benefits?”

The Ancient Phoenix Main Hall was a smelting trial that was created for the younger generations of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, so that they could enhance their strength through these tribulations. It wasn’t strange that a situation like this would occur.

As Mu Dingshan became aware of this, he felt a bit of regret. Unfortunately, cutting off that red person’s arm was his limit. Although he had obtained a pure fire-attribute origin energy, the amount was too little. It was not enough for him to break through to the middle Houtian realm.

This benefit was something that he could only see, but not obtain.

At this time, Mu Dingshan heard some icy sounds resound within the chamber, as if it were some sort of language. But Mu Dingshan didn’t know what was being said. A moment later, a red light flashed and Mu Dingshan was sent out of the chamber to begin the smelting trial that corresponded with his talent.


At this time, within Lin Ming’s chamber, he was facing a peak Houtian martial artist.

This red person was equal to a talent like Huan Xiaodie if she were a peak Houtian master. In truth, this wasn’t weak; it was already better than a half-step Xiantian Qin Ziya.

Lin Ming’s Purple Comet Spear glared with the blinding light of thunderfire. Each time he defeated an opponent, he would conserve as much true essence as possible. He would use the most ordinary move, and absolutely no martial skills. He would defeat them in one move, and not waste another. This was because he didn’t know how many more opponents he had to face every time he defeated another red person.

The red person’s spear was a spear, but it also understood martial skills. It thrust out its spear, and the fire that wrapped around it manifested into the phantom of a phoenix.

Lin Ming moved, Golden Roc Shattering the Void erupting as he instantly came up behind the red person, the Purple Comet Spear shooting out. Avoiding a collision with the enemy and bypassing its attacks was the best way to save true essence.

This peak Houtian red person was quite strong. It felt Lin Ming’s spear behind it and turned around to block it.

However, relative to Lin Ming, the red person was far too weak. Especially after Lin Ming had broken through to the peak Pulse Condensation period. Now his strength had even surpassed Lei Mubai by a level.

Azure true essence erupted. Lin Ming thrust his long spear towards the red person, and the spear stabbed through its dantian. Lin Ming twisted the spear, and tore its dantian to pieces.

The red person exploded into shining red lights again. But what surprised Lin Ming was that after some time, a part of these red lights began to flow into Lin Ming’s body.

This was an extremely pure fire origin energy. After it surged into Lin Ming, he felt his entire body pleasantly warm up, as if the true essence in him was speeding up.

“This is…”

Lin Ming felt the red light flowing within him, and discovered that it was circulating through his meridians before gathering into his dantian and settling there.

“Dantian!” Lin Ming was shocked, and then overjoyed. The difference between the Pulse Condensation period and the Houtian realm was that a Houtian realm master could save and condense true essence in his dantian. But, a Pulse Condensation period martial artist could only contain true essence within their meridians. Naturally, the dantian could hold a much greater amount of true essence than the meridians.

Only a very small amount of true essence flowed into Lin Ming’s dantian. However, this small amount was still proof that he was taking great steps towards reaching the Houtian realm!

“There’s too little true essence, there isn’t much increase in my cultivation. But it still opened up the path leading from my meridians to my dantian. Later, when I step into the Houtian realm from the Pulse Condensation period, there won’t be any barriers, and it will be completely successful. This Ancient Phoenix Main Hall is truly wonderful!”

As Lin Ming was thinking, the red lights in front of him began to condense again. This time, another red person holding a spear appeared, but their cultivation was at a half-step Xiantian.

Half-step Xiantian!

Lin Ming was excited. What would happen if he defeated this half-step Xiantian martial artist?

With the Purple Comet Spear in his hand, Lin Ming made a preemptive move. When the figure was still materializing, Lin Ming thrust towards its chest.


Sparks scattered in the air. Lin Ming’s spear had been blocked by the red person, and a wild true essence tore through the air. As the red person blocked the spear, it gripped its own spear with one hand and swept towards Lin Ming’s neck.

Lin Ming instantly drew backwards, and the spear light erupted – 10,000 Flames Burning World!

Hu hu hu!

Wind and fire began to pick up within the chamber, and pillars of flame shot out like a blazing meteor. In that instant, the red martial artist had been completely surrounded by flames. But this red martial artist was agile. In this situation, it still managed to retreat as it stabbed out with its spear again, stabbing into the pillars of flame!

There were several dozen pillars of flame, but in the blink of an eye, they were all scattered by the red martial artist! However, as the last pillar of flame exploded into nothing, a purple arc of lightning lept out! This was the Divine Demon Steel Needle!

Lin Ming had hidden the Divine Demon Steel Needle within 10,000 Flames Burning World, taking the red person by surprise!


With the speed of light, the Divine Demon Steel Needle pierced through the scarlet martial artist’s neck, and a rain of dazzling light showered out! The red martial artist burst apart into a deluge of red sparkling lights.

If Lin Ming didn’t use a sneak attack like this, he still would have been able to defeat the red martial artist. But, he would have needed to exert a great deal of effort.

The red light once again gathered onto Lin Ming, flowing into his body.

The pure fire true essence spread through all the meridians of Lin Ming’s body before finally converging into his dantian where it settled down. After the half-step Xiantian martial artist had died, the fire origin energy it left behind was several times richer and purer than the red person that had come before it.

“This fire-attribute origin energy is extremely pure and dense. When it is gathered in my dantian, it can act like a seed and lay the foundation for me to break into the Houtian realm in the future.”

As Lin Ming was secretly rejoicing in his fortune, he saw the red lights begin to condense again. This time, Lin Ming’s heart went cold. Without a doubt, the new red person that would emerge would be a Xiantian realm martial artist!

Lin Ming’s expression was solemn. The difference between a half-step Xiantian and a true Xiantian master was enormous! Without hesitation, Lin Ming used the strength of Tempering Marrow. Instantly, the true essence that was contained within his marrow began to violently gush out, and Lin Ming’s momentum shot up!

As the red person was forming, Lin Ming’s figure flew forwards like the wind, the Purple Comet Spear piercing outwards.

Spear light shined, and the red person’s figure suddenly distorted, completely avoiding Lin Ming’s spear. The spear stabbed into the wall, causing the array formation on the wall to severely shake!


The red person struck out with its long spear. With a sound like tigers and dragons roaring, a spear swept out at Lin Ming’s waist.


The red person’s long spear collided with Lin Ming’s Purple Comet Spear, causing the shaft to bend. Lin Ming withdrew, and the red person closely followed him, striking out with the long spear in its hand like a serpent. With every spear thrust, spear light shined out, and the spear itself seemed to contain an intelligent will, making Lin Ming feel as if he were being overwhelmed by this barrage of attacks.

“What great spear skill!’ Lin Ming’s pupils contracted. The red person was only a puppet that was formed from energy, but he never thought it would have such skills in spearmanship. Lin Ming’s body began to emit popping sounds as he suddenly gave a loud shout; the phantom of an azure True Dragon appeared behind him.


The cry of a True Dragon flushed into the sky. Lin Ming gripped his spear and swept out. With a nearly irresistible momentum, Lin Ming broke apart all of his enemy’s spear lights!

“Heretical God Force!”

Lin Ming didn’t plan on challenging the next opponent. Against a middle Xiantian realm martial artist, he had no confidence that he would win. It would be best to go all out and finish off the red person currently in front of him.

As the Heretical God Force opened, Lin Ming’s momentum dramatically spiked up once again. He didn’t have the exquisite and skillful spear skills that the red person had. What he could rely on to win was absolute subjugation by strength. With superior strength, he would break apart the red person’s skills!

Spear energy crashed in the same place, and suddenly a terrifying vortex of wind appeared in the completely airtight chamber. If a weaker martial artist was caught in this brutal vortex of wind, they would only meet a miserable death.

Ka ka ka!

The protective array formation on the walls began to fiercely shake!

The spear lights were broken apart by Lin Ming one at a time. As he swept out his spear, his attack contained the power of thunder and fire. But at this time, the red person suddenly moved, and he disappeared like smoke.

Without even looking, Lin Ming turned around and thrust out the Purple Comet Spear. On the edge of the spearhead, the Divine Demon Steel Needle roared out!

The red person lifted his spear to block. The Divine Demon Steel Needle struck above the red person’s spear shaft along with the Purple Comet Spear.


A violent explosion followed. The red person was sent flying backwards by the power of thunder, and brutally slammed into the protective array formation. A faint crack had even appeared in the spear that was formed by energy! This blurry spear was naturally unable to compare with a top high-grade earth-step treasure like the Purple Comet Spear.

Lin Ming didn’t let this opportunity pass. He rushed forwards, thrusting out. The power of thunder and fire intertwined; Thunderfire Annihilation!

Lin Ming only used 30% of his energy in this Thunderfire Annihilation. After all, this chamber was a completely enclosed space. If a full energy Thunderfire Annihilation had exploded within the chamber then Lin Ming himself might not have been much better off.

The red person didn’t have any wisdom or thoughts. It only lifted its cracked spear to dodge this 30% Thunderfire Annihilation of Lin Ming’s.

The result was unsurprising –


The red person’s spear was completely broken to pieces, and the confined space began to violently shake. In the following true essence shockwave from the attack, the red person’s body was broken apart, turning into a dense group of red lights. As for Lin Ming, even he had been injured. His blood vitality was roiling, and his right hand was dripping wet with blood.


The red person dispersed into a mass of red lights that merged into Lin Ming’s body. This light was much richer than anything that came before; even the wound that Lin Ming had just received was beginning to regenerate at a visible speed.

The condensed true essence within his dantian strengthened once again, paving the way for Lin Ming to reach the Houtian realm. As long as Lin Ming was able to fill his dantian with true essence, he would naturally break through to the Houtian realm. He wouldn’t even need to stop at the half-step Houtian realm.

“Just what sort of origin does this Ancient Phoenix Clan have, that it can construct such a wonderful and unbelievable smelting trial. No wonder Divine Phoenix Island considered this Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm the basis of their sect, and why so many core disciples struggle for a spot to enter the Ancient Phoenix Main Hall.

As the wounds of his body healed, Lin Ming began to think about how to challenge a middle Xiantian master’s moves. He wanted to take a good look and see just how great the disparity was between him and a middle Xiantian master.

But to his surprise, a middle Xiantian realm red person didn’t appear. Instead, the enclosed chamber suddenly quieted. As Lin Ming waited, nothing happened. He stood there puzzled, and as he was beginning to have some doubts, an icy voice rang out in the air. It was a language that Lin Ming had never heard of before, but seemed oddly familiar.

After a few words, Lin Ming’s heart began to shake. This was… the language of the Realm of the Gods?


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