Chapter 398 - Bloodline Test

Chapter 398 Bloodline Test.


Chapter 398 – Bloodline Test

In order to subjugate and obtain a medium-grade earth-step Flame Essence within the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, it wasn’t only a question of one’s destiny – one also needed sufficient strength! As Mu Dingshan thought back to half a month ago when he had witnessed a battle between two Kings of the younger generation, he could only sigh with emotion. “Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, good thing it was you. If I were the one that encountered this Flame Essence, I would be lucky to even escape with all my limbs intact.”

In fact, the last time that Mu Dingshan had entered into the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he had also come across a great lucky chance. Within the center of a lava pool, he had seen a Rainbow Blaze Fruit growing there. This kind of miracle medicine was able to extend the life of a fire-attribute martial artist!

Although it had a limited effect on one’s cultivation, if the news that he had managed to obtain it was spread to the old Revolving Core monsters or even the Emperor level powerhouses, then they would most likely desperately bid for it. When that happened, Mu Dingshan could just open his mouth and request any treasures he wanted, from high-grade Flame Essences to top medicines.

Unfortunately, this Rainbow Blaze Fruit had been guarded by a top sixth-level vicious beast. Mu Dingshan had instantly...

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