Chapter 396 - Subdue

Chapter 396 Subdue.


Chapter 396 – Subdue

The higher grade a Flame Essence was, the more intelligent it would be. Some high grade Flame Essences could even use attribute skills. This Fallen Star Flame had probably used such a skill.

The crimson leopard roared and rushed towards Lin Ming. Lin Ming wanted to swallow the Fallen Star Flame, but the Fallen Star Flame also sensed the rich and pure fire origin energy within Lin Ming’s body and wanted to eat him to evolve.

As this 100 foot tall and several dozen thousand jin heavy rock beast ran, the entire ground shook and lava shot out. Lin Ming held his spear flat in front of him, revolving the true essence in his body to the limit.

As the fiery rock beast was about to lunge at him, Lin Ming’s pupils contracted and he thrust out his spear.


The Purple Comet Spear pierced through the fiery rock monster’s chest, but...

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