Chapter 396 - Subdue

Chapter 396 Subdue.


Chapter 396 – Subdue

The higher grade a Flame Essence was, the more intelligent it would be. Some high grade Flame Essences could even use attribute skills. This Fallen Star Flame had probably used such a skill.

The crimson leopard roared and rushed towards Lin Ming. Lin Ming wanted to swallow the Fallen Star Flame, but the Fallen Star Flame also sensed the rich and pure fire origin energy within Lin Ming’s body and wanted to eat him to evolve.

As this 100 foot tall and several dozen thousand jin heavy rock beast ran, the entire ground shook and lava shot out. Lin Ming held his spear flat in front of him, revolving the true essence in his body to the limit.

As the fiery rock beast was about to lunge at him, Lin Ming’s pupils contracted and he thrust out his spear.


The Purple Comet Spear pierced through the fiery rock monster’s chest, but the powerful impact had caused the Purple Comet Spear to bend like a crescent moon.

Lin Ming used his waist and pushed forwards. The true essence that was hidden with his bone marrow completely exploded, and his strength instantly reached a terrifying degree. He forcefully picked up the giant rock monster!

“Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky!”


A flaming phoenix soared into the sky, striking the stomach of the fiery rock beast and violently detonating.

“Mm? No damage!?”

With a single Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky, it had managed to create some cracks within the belly of the fiery rock beast. But compared to its giant body, it was simply negligible damage.

“Hou!” As the fiery rock beast landed, it opened its mouth and spat out a giant purple fireball. Lin Ming was too close and wasn’t able to dodge it in time. Instead, he flourished the Purple Comet Spear and struck the fireball.

The fireball blew up, and the purple flames landed on Lin Ming’s body before sputtering out. The true essence that surrounded Lin Ming’s body made ‘chi chi chi’ sounds as it was melted away. Lin Ming’s blood tumbled; the power of fire in that attack was like a serpent that snuck into his body where it rampaged along his meridians. Finally the Heretical God Seed shook, and used its suppressive power to restrain the power of fire.

“This purple fire can actually corrode the true essence that protects my body?” Lin Ming’s heart went cold. This monster was truly tricky to deal with. Not only was it immune to fire based attacks, but the purple flame attacks it sent out were extremely fierce. If a normal Divine Phoenix Island disciple had run into this spook fellow, they would have been unable to deal with a single attack.

The Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm was a world of fire and ice. To the Divine Phoenix Island disciples that specialized in the fire and ice elements, there were lucky opportunities to be found everywhere. However, even if one came across a lucky chance, wanting to take hold of it wasn’t an easy matter.

For instance, the Flame Essence would rebel to protect itself, and fire-attribute or ice-attribute valuable materials had powerful vicious beasts protecting them. If one wished to comprehend Concepts, they would also have to place themselves in danger. However, if one wasn’t lucky, it would be extremely easy to die.


The fiery rock beast opened its gaping jaws and took a deep breath. All of the nearby fire origin energy nearby began to rapidly gather, forming a vortex of energy.

Lin Ming’s eyes widened. Without hesitation, he activated Golden Roc Shattering the Void and threw himself to the side.


A purple beam of intense fire shot out from the fiery rock beast’s mouth, striking the lava pool that had been behind Lin Ming. Plumes of lava soared hundreds of feet into the sky.

After the strike missed, the fiery rock monster suddenly sped towards Lin Ming. Although it had a massive body, its speed was extremely quick, and every step it took was like a clap of thunder.

At this time, Lin Ming had flown in the air. His figure paused for a moment as he connected true essence to the Heretical God Seed. The Thunder Soul howled!

At the moment that the fiery rock monster lunged at Lin Ming, he became like a feather that was blown back by the wind. As he flew backwards, he opened his hand and a three inch long steel needle appeared, shooting out like a flash of electric light. Its target was the fiery rock beast’s left eye!


The Divine Demon Steel Needle pierced into the fiery rock beast’s eye and then exited from the other side!

Rock exploded and and purple red blood sprayed out. As Lin Ming took a closer look, that blood was actually thick magma.

To use fire rocks as meat, magma as blood, and a Fire Essence as its heart; such a vicious beast caused Lin Ming to be amazed in acclaim.

However, it had just taken form and still hadn’t absorbed enough fire origin energy. Thus, its strength was reduced by a great deal.

As its left eye was ruined, the fiery rock monster let out a painful and angry roar. It aimed towards Lin Ming and spat out several purple fireballs.

However, each one of these fireballs was dodged by Lin Ming. With a flick of his fingers, the Divine Demon Steel Needle roared out and pierced through the fiery rock monster’s right eye.


The fiery rock monster issued a pitiful cry. Lin Ming saw an opportunity and shot forwards like an arrow; the Purple Comet Spear in his hand thrust straight towards the fiery rock monster’s gaping mouth.

The power of thunder and fire intersected; Thunderfire Annihilation!


Thunderfire Annihilation exploded within the center of the fiery rock monster’s mouth. For a period, crushed rock and magma scattered in all directions, filling the sky. From the front of the fiery rock monster, half of its body had been exploded into bits. Lin Ming’s concentrated his true essence into protecting his body and resisting the shattered rocks and magma that struck him. At the same time, he released his perception, accurately sifting through the tens of thousands of fragments until he found the true body of the Fallen Star Flame.

“There it is!”

Lin Ming saw that around 100 feet away, there was a palm-sized ball of purple flame; it had a very glum expression.

Lin Ming waved his sleeve and his body was like a fish as it passed through the 100 feet distance, immediately grabbing the Fallen Star Flame.

The Fallen Star Flame instinctively felt a deep and abiding fear, wanting to escape. But it had suffered a great blow a moment ago, so it was impossible for it to escape Lin Ming’s grasp.

As Lin Ming held onto the Fallen Star Flame, the azure true essence he surrounded his hand with began to issue ‘chi chi chi’ sounds. In an instant, a hole had burned through the azure true essence that protected his body.

“This Fallen Star Flame has such a strong corrosive strength!”

There were many special Flame Essences and Thunder Souls that were born in special conditions and locations, thus obtaining different properties. For instance, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder was born in desolate lands that were filled with blood and death, so it had have bloodthirsty characteristics. As for this Fallen Star Flame, it actually had corrosive properties.

Because of the extreme rarity of the Fallen Star Flame, the ancient texts only contained a vague and cursory mention of it. There hadn’t been a description of just what sort of properties it had.

Lin Ming first drew up a few dozen azure runes, letting them all fall onto the Fallen Star Flame. This was the technique to seal a Flame Essence.

Chi chi chi!

Every rune that touched the Fallen Star Flame was corroded into ashes. Lin Ming remained unperturbed, his fingers moving faster and faster until they were just shadows.

As the number of symbol runes continuously increased, the Fallen Star Flame fiercely struggled. Many runes were destroyed, but there were a number of runes that managed to stick onto the Fallen Star Flame. Finally, the layer of runes became thicker and thicker and the light of the Fallen Star Flame became increasingly dim, until it was completely sealed.

Lin Ming let out a long breath. His locked his fingers together and released winding threads of true essence that wound around the Fallen Star Flame, eventually forming a cocoon around it.


Lin Ming took out a special jade box and placed the true essence cocoon within, and then placed it into his spatial ring. Now was not a good time to absorb the Fallen Star Flame. After all, it was still a medium-grade earth-step Flame Essence. With Lin Ming’s current strength, he would just barely be able to absorb it. Not only that, but there were boundless dangers within the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm and there was no one here to stand guard over him. If anything went awry at all, he would most likely die.


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