Chapter 394 - Concept of Fire

Chapter 394 Concept of Fire.


Chapter 394 – Concept of Fire

Lin Ming was dizzy from the feeling of space warping around him. By the time he opened his eyes, his heart shook. Before entering the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, Lin Ming had imagined many times just what the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm would look like. But he had never imagined that it would be such a shocking scene!

In front of Lin Ming was an endless expanse of dark red rock. It was barren, without a single touch of green, and between the red rocks were large flowing rivers of lava. These rocks seem to have been roasted red by the lava. Giant pools of boiling lava appeared everywhere, with giant bubbles of air tumbling upwards through the lava. With a thick popping sound, the noxious smell of sulfur washed out along with a billowing wave of heat. This haze was toxic, a normal person would have suffocated and died here after just a moment.

If it was this alone, Lin Ming wouldn’t have been so shocked. But what he found unbelievable was that behind him was a vast field of ice!

Wind and snow mixed together, and the fields of ice were as smooth as a mirror. The tips of massive glaciers stuck up through the ground like high towers, and they glowed with a cold sheen, shining and twinkling like a field of stars. The strong wind...

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