Chapter 393 - Drops of Blood, Entering the Mystic Realm

Chapter 393 Drops of Blood, Entering the Mystic Realm.


Chapter 393 – Drops of Blood, Entering the Mystic Realm

The ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ was an extremely broad and profound cultivation method. As Lin Ming practiced more and more, he increasingly became aware of this point. Not only was the cultivation method to practice contained within, but there were also many techniques to control fire, fire-attribute martial skills, and most importantly, there was also the understanding of others regarding the origin of fire. That is to say, the Concept of Fire.

Something like a Concept could only be realized through one’s own contemplation, it couldn’t be explained. Just a few words were enough to provide many nights of deep reflection.

In addition, there were also ways to cultivate the mind and heart. There were ways to adjust one’s mentality to communicate with fire origin energy, so that a martial artist could completely immerse themselves in a sea of fire origin energy and break through their shackles.

However, these mysterious skills all depended on one’s own understanding and studying. As for Lin Ming’s perception, it was considered quite good. In these recent days, he had learned a great deal.

Time passed day by day. Lin Ming would wake up every morning and absorb the rising energy from the fire of the sun, practicing all day. At...

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