Chapter 392 - Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm

Chapter 392 Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.


Chapter 392 – Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm

This was the first time that Mu Qianyu had seen a Thunder Soul that looked like this. A Thunder Soul could manifest into an object, but, a martial artist needed to compress their true essence to an extreme degree. But Lin Ming’s Thunder Soul didn’t seem to have any compressed true essence to it, and yet it already had this appearance.

“Can I… touch it?” Mu Qianyu asked, after hesitating for a moment.

“Of course you can.” Lin Ming replied. There wasn’t any danger in touching the Divine Demon Thunder Soul when it was in this state. Not only that, but the truth was that even if he stimulated the Divine Demon Thunder Soul to its maximum strength, it was just impossible to wound someone like Mu Qianyu who had an extreme Xiantian cultivation.

Mu Qianyu stretched out a jade-like finger, and gently placed her fingertip firmly on the Divine Demon Thunder Soul. As she traced her finger up Lin Ming’s steel needle, she was able to feel an ice cold sensation, as if this Thunder Soul steel needle was really made of metal.

“How amazing…” Mu Qianyu was aware that this was part of Lin Ming’s secret, and was certainly related to his special physique. That Lin Ming would be so unreserved in sharing such a secret with her really caused a strange sensation to flutter in her heart.

She faintly smiled, and then retracted her jade-like finger. She said, “The Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm will open half a month from now. You should rest well tonight. Tomorrow, the High Ancestor will see you. She’ll also pass down Vermillion Bird blood essence as well as the transplantation method so that you can obtain a greater harvest it the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.”

“Mm, ah, yes, the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal that I gave to you earlier, you should absorb it here if it’s convenient.”

Mu Qianyu thought about it for a moment and then said, “Okay.”

In order to take the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, one needed to fuse it with their blood essence to guide it into their body. Mu Qianyu bit her own finger, and then forced a drop of blood essence into the crystal bottle. After the dark red blood and the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal touched, the blood immediately began to bubble in excitement, the blood rolling around in waves. The Shattered Demon Heart Crystal began to melt until it finally became a thick, viscous red liquid within the bottle.

An endlessly vivid energy spread out along with it, as if this bottle of dark red liquid came from an unknown world. It was like an ancient and undiscovered gate was slowly opening its doors to Mu Qianyu.

“It’s so mystifying!” Mu Qianyu said.

“This Shattered Demon Heart Crystal contains the residual will of the Netherworld Great Emperor. Once I absorb his will, my understanding of the origin of all martial arts will also deepen by a bit.”

Mu Qianyu nodded, and swallowed down the bottle of sticky red liquid. The sweet, coppery taste of blood began to spread within her mouth.

As the red liquid entered her body, she immediately felt the blood within her body move, as if it were boiling. A scalding heat began to swell up, spreading along her meridians and heating up her body.


Mu Qianyu’s mind shook, and she was suddenly pulled back to her spiritual sea. The scene that Lin Ming had seen before was now replaying itself in front of Mu Qianyu. Mu Qianyu saw the Netherworld Great Emperor grasp his great axe and crazily slaughter 10,000 demons until the heavens themselves were dyed red in blood. This was truly a shocking sight.

Mu Qianyu had a profound cultivation. Although she hadn’t yet reached the Revolving Core realm, she was already comparable to a common early Revolving Core martial artist. As for her combat strength, it was even beyond that. Thus, the remnant will of the Netherworld Great Emperor wasn’t able to shake her mind.

It was just the energy that was contained within the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, but Mu Qianyu wasn’t able to absorb in in a short time. This was a complete Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, and her cultivation was lower than Elder Jin and Elder Bai’s by a great degree. Mu Qianyu’s breathing quickened, and she began to perspire with drops of fragrant sweat.

“How do you feel?”

“A bit hot.”

Mu Qianyu took a handkerchief from her spatial ring and wiped away her sweat. Her neck was flushed red with blood.

As Lin Ming saw the beads of crystal clear sweat drip down Mu Qianyu’s pale cheeks, he was dazed for a moment. To him, it seemed as if there were simply no impurities within her body. Otherwise, if she ate this sort of pill that washed the muscles and marrows, she should at least have discharged some impurities.

However, as he remembered Mu Qianyu’s daily life in Divine Phoenix Island where she only ate the rare and valuable fruits of spirit valleys and drank the sweet morning dew, he realized that it was normal for her to have no impurities in her body. When Lin Ming had first eaten half of the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, his entire body had bled from the head down, but Mu Qianyu had only sweat a bit.

The sweat matted her hair and caused her clothes to stick tightly onto her body. This was quite an uncomfortable feeling. Mu Qianyu couldn’t bear this, so she tugged at her wet clothes, accentuating the contours of her body.

Seeing this sight, Lin Ming couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. A bit embarrassed, he said, “I’ll go and get some ice water.”

“No need. I’ll finish soon, I’ve already absorbed more than half. After this I’ll take a bath.” As she spoke, Mu Qianyu seemed to suddenly realize something and her cheeks flushed red. She moved her fire-attribute true essence and all the sweat on her body evaporated.

As her clothes dried and loosened again, that beautiful spring scene disappeared. “Tomorrow morning I will take you to see the High Ancestor.”

Lin Ming awkwardly coughed, “Okay.”


On the back mountains of Divine Phoenix Island, there was an abundance of green plants in bloom. At this time in the morning, a dense mist shrouded the mountain, the entire mountain looking like a picturesque scene from a painting. A spring stream trickled, and a gentle breeze rolled in. The music of the morning faintly sounded in the air.

Between the bamboo groves, there were deep and winding trails that spread through. On the bamboo leaves was fresh morning dew that dripped down. As Lin Ming walked down the trail, he sighed; this was truly like an immortal paradise on earth.

This bamboo grove was where Mu Fengxian lived in seclusion – Emerald Bamboo Pavilion.

At the end of the path, there was an elegant bamboo house. As one walked up, they could smell the fragrant bamboo mixed with a deep earthy scent, causing anyone here to feel relaxed and comfortable.

As Mu Qianyu and Lin Ming arrived, they were about to announce themselves when Mu Fengxian’s voice sounded out, “Come in.”

“Lin Ming, Honorable Master has called for you. I’ll wait for you here.”

Lin Ming nodded, then opened the bamboo leaf door and strode in.

The furnishings within the bamboo house were very simple. There were a few wicker chairs and a plain wooden table. As one walked on the bamboo floor, they could even hear a creaking sound.

Mu Fengxian was sat on one of these wicker chairs and wore a long red dress. Her silver hair was tied back with a hairpin, and she smiled as she looked at Lin Ming, glancing over at a wicker chair opposite to her. “Sit down.”


Lin Ming politely sat down.

Mu Fengxian had already heard the news that Lin Ming had broken through to the peak Pulse Condensation period and wasn’t surprised. She poured a cup of tea and handed it to Lin Ming, slowly saying, “As Yuhuang’s personal disciple, you may call me Master Ancestor. Half a month from now, the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm will open. Do you know what the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm is?”

Lin Ming shook his head. Before now, all he had heard about the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm were some vague rumors, and he didn’t know any specifics.

“The Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm is a legacy that the Ancient Phoenix Clan left behind. Its history goes back tens of thousands of years – or even hundreds of thousands of years…”

Lin Ming was shocked, “That long? But Divine Phoenix Island is only…”

“Mm. Divine Phoenix Island only has a history of 3000 years. My Divine Phoenix Island may claim to be descendants of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, but the truth is that 3000 years ago, my Divine Phoenix Island was just a third-grade sect with mostly female cultivators. At that time, Silent Demon Emperor City had just risen to prominence. Because my Divine Phoenix Island had many young female disciples, the sect feared that they would be attacked by Silent Demon Emperor City, and the women captured as slaves to use in sexual cultivation. Thus, the sect decided to relocate and escape to the South Sea’s Divine Phoenix Island. This island wasn’t originally called Divine Phoenix Island. Instead, it was named that afterwards.

“After the sect was stationed here, the Sect Master came across a great lucky chance within Divine Phoenix Island. She was the first person to enter the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. After she came out, she had managed to obtain the Vermillion Bird bloodline, the Blue Luan bloodline, and a massive amount of treasures. Afterwards, she founded Divine Phoenix Island. Therefore, to my Divine Phoenix Island, the Divine Phoenix Mystic realm is its origin and also its lifeblood.”

As Lin Ming heard this, he was shocked. This was the first time that he had heard the history of Divine Phoenix Island. Because the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm could only be accessed by the disciples of Divine Phoenix Island, he had assumed that it was a smelting trial that the disciples used to practice.

But this explanation also made sense.

“Master Ancestor, what happened to the Sect Master afterwards?” Lin Ming couldn’t help but ask.

“That Sect Master was also the founder of my Divine Phoenix Island. Afterwards, she paused at the extreme Revolving Core realm, and her immortal soul entered the eternal Samsara over 2000 years ago.”

Lin Ming sighed, this was to be expected. Otherwise, there was no way that Divine Phoenix Island would only be a fourth-grade sect. “The founder obtained such a great lucky chance but still wasn’t able to become a Peerless Emperor. No wonder they say the there are only a mere 10 Peerless Emperors within the entire Sky Spill Continent.”

“Hahaha,” Mu Fengxian smiled. “The path from Revolving Core to Peerless Emperor is truly a long and unbearable road. Break into Revolving Core before 30, extreme Revolving Core before 50, and become a Peerless Emperor at 100 years! Just this step is able to trap countless unrivalled geniuses for 50 years. But although there are countless hardships and obstacles, there are far more than a mere 10 Peerless Emperor powerhouses. It’s just that you are too weak so you have no way of knowing any of this. Many Peerless Emperor powerhouses live in seclusion in certain desolate lands of the world. Of course, even if there are some that occasionally appear, you would never know this.”

Lin Ming nodded. As one climbed up to a mountain peak, they would also be able to see the scenery below that mountain peak. If he ever became a Peerless Emperor powerhouse, he would also be able to step into the world of a Peerless Emperor.

Mu Fengxian stood up. She took a red box from her spatial ring and handed it to Lin Ming, saying, “This is Vermillion Bird blood essence. Place it onto your bodily acupoints a drop at a time and you will gain the qualifications to practice the core sections of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’. You must slowly build this up, and then diligently work towards stepping into the Revolving Core realm. As for becoming a Peerless Emperor, your talent is enough; the rest will depend on your destiny!” Throughout the ages, there were many martial artists that had the talent to become a Peerless Emperor. But the vast majority of them fell or had an accident, and were ultimately unable to step foot in this realm.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and respectfully thanked Mu Fengxian, he then put away the Vermillion Bird blood essence. He would etch this kindness into his heart.

Mu Fengxian nodded and said, “Now go. Half a month from now, the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm will open, and you will gain one of the spots to enter the Ancient Phoenix main hall. During this time, make sure you practice well.

Lin Ming bowed and then left. Mu Fengxian sighed, a deep emotion swelling in her chest. Destiny was an illusory dream. As for how great Lin Ming’s destiny was, it would manifest during his trip to the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.

To people, destiny was like a rainbow. For instance, the founder of Divine Phoenix Island was able to obtain a great lucky chance inside. However, it was a pity that the founder’s talent was missing a single step, and they were ultimately unable to become a Peerless Emperor.


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