Chapter 392 - Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm

Chapter 392 Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm.


Chapter 392 – Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm

This was the first time that Mu Qianyu had seen a Thunder Soul that looked like this. A Thunder Soul could manifest into an object, but, a martial artist needed to compress their true essence to an extreme degree. But Lin Ming’s Thunder Soul didn’t seem to have any compressed true essence to it, and yet it already had this appearance.

“Can I… touch it?” Mu Qianyu asked, after hesitating for a moment.

“Of course you can.” Lin Ming replied. There wasn’t any danger in touching the Divine Demon Thunder Soul when it was in this state. Not only that, but the truth was that even if he stimulated the Divine Demon Thunder Soul to its maximum strength, it was just impossible to wound someone like Mu Qianyu who had an extreme Xiantian cultivation.

Mu Qianyu stretched out a jade-like finger, and gently placed her fingertip firmly on the Divine Demon Thunder Soul. As she traced her finger up Lin Ming’s steel needle, she was able to feel an ice cold sensation, as if this Thunder Soul steel needle was really made of metal.

“How amazing…” Mu Qianyu was aware that this was part of Lin Ming’s secret, and was certainly related to his special physique. That Lin Ming would be so unreserved in sharing such a secret with...

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