Chapter 391 - New Thunder Soul

Chapter 391 New Thunder Soul.


Chapter 391 – New Thunder Soul

As Mu Qianyu saw what Lin Ming had done, she was scared into a cold sweat. Lin Ming had actually directly pressed the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder towards his heart! But, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder was an evil existence that could swallow blood essence. Directly putting such a thing into your heart was just too risky!

“Lin Ming, you…”

Chi chi!

The clothes on Lin Ming’s chest were burned to ash. In that instant, his skin there had also lost color. This was the direct result of the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder absorbing one’s blood essence!

Mu Qianyu’s mind jumped. But as she thought of the repeated miracles that Lin Ming had accomplished in the past half year, she didn’t say anything. Instead, she fished around in her ring for some pills that could help replenish blood. She found a Nine Revolution Blood Vitality pill, and gave it to Lin Ming.

The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder could swallow one’s blood essence. Having a pill that could restore the power of blood vitality a bit would greatly assist in alleviating the pressure on Lin Ming.

Lin Ming swallowed the Nine Revolution Blood Vitality Pill and waved his head, saying, “I’m alright.”

Initially, when his cultivation was only at the peak Bone Forging stage, he had been able to absorb the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder. Now that his cultivation...

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