Chapter 390 - Absorbing the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder

Chapter 390 Absorbing the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder.


Chapter 390 – Absorbing the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder

At the central region of the bonfire party, there was a bevy of six or seven young girls excitedly speaking as they formed a circle. Along with everyone else, it was simply packed tight with people close enough to push each other.

“Lin Ming.” A woman’s crisp and clear voice sounded.

Lin Ming turned his head to see that the one who spoke was Mu Qianyu.

All the disciples that were sitting around the fire quickly rose up to salute. Compared to an Elder of Divine Phoenix Island, Mu Qianyu’s status was even higher than some.

Mu Qianyu smiled and said, “Lei Mubai is locked up in the dungeon, would you like to go and see him now?”

Lin Ming was slightly stunned, then he happily said, “Alright.”

Before this, Lin Ming had been called over to Mu Yuhuang, and they had conversed for a good two hours. He didn’t even have time to spare a thought to Lei Mubai.

When Mu Qianyu arrived, the entire atmosphere of the party became wary. Mu Qianyu glanced at all the young girls that surrounded Lin Ming and faintly smiled, sending him a true essence sound transmission, “Do you think my Divine Phoenix Island is heaven on earth for male disciples?”

Lin Ming’s voice paused. He ruefully smiled. “Miss Mu, please don’t joke with me. It was just a short time but I’ve already...

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