Chapter 389 - Celebration Party

Chapter 389 Celebration Party.


Chapter 389 – Celebration Party

That night, the usually silent Parasol Tree Pavilion was seething with a festive atmosphere, the entire island overflowing with excitement. Within the glades of the Parasol Tree Pavilion, massive bonfires were held in celebration, with giant parties roaring in full swing.

At Divine Phoenix Island, disciples would rarely eat something like barbecue. Usually, what they ate originated from the spirit valleys. There were spirit grains, spirit vegetables, tender bamboo, and other such delicate and soft foods. There were even many female disciples that hadn’t touched meat for years. This was truly a land that was untouched by the tainting smoke and fire of the mortal world.

Divine Phoenix Island was a very serious and no-nonsense land, and the amount of rules one had to adhere to was breathtaking. The chance for one to indulge themselves in a massive bonfire party like tonight rarely happened even once in several years. Without explicit approval, if one attempted something like this, they would be punished and forced to reflect on their faults.

The young core disciples of Divine Phoenix Island – no matter how high and lofty their status – were still youths, and thus still had the mindset and disposition of youths. At night, they would usually seclude themselves in their rooms, cultivating, cultivating, cultivating, and then cultivating some more. This sort of monotonous activity would continue for months on end. After a long time, the suppressed unrest in their hearts made them feel anxious. Thus, with tonight’s chance of being able to participate in such a rare bonfire celebration, none of the core disciples or direct disciples dared to miss this chance. The inner court disciples could only mix in by finding an entrance through their connections, vowing to enjoy the absolute revelry that was occurring tonight.

Within Divine Phoenix Island, 80 to 90% of the disciples were women. Not only that, but most of them were the beautiful and exquisite of women. At a glance, a group of these women chattering together was truly a beautiful sight to behold.

Among these individuals was actually the Moon Seizing Sect’s Zhou Xinyu. As a new disciple, she didn’t have the qualifications to enter a core disciple bonfire celebration like this, but Zhang Zhen remembered that this girl had arrived at Divine Phoenix Island together with Lin Ming, and it was also Zhang Zhen who had received them. Zhang Zhen guessed that Zhou Xinyu might be Lin Ming’s maid or even something like a concubine, and that was why he had deliberately brought her here. In Zhang Zhen’s opinion, with Zhou Xinyu’s talent, she would also be placed as a maid within Divine Phoenix Island. Of course, she might be the head maid and have the fortune of serving the daily living arrangements of a direct disciple.

When Zhou Xinyu had been led forwards by Zhang Zhen, she had felt a bit foggy. She didn’t have the qualifications to participate in the morning’s birthday banquet, so she hadn’t witnessed the fight between the Kings of the younger generation that everyone was abuzz about. She had only heard the details through Zhang Zhan, who had also exaggerated many parts. But in her heart, she still found it hard to believe. A Pulse Condensation period youth was able to compare to a Xiantian master?

Zhou Xinyu didn’t need to listen to anything else. Just this thought was enough to be a demonic curse that branded itself onto her heart, making her feel as if she were living a waking dream.

The Xiantian realm… that was once a goal that Zhou Xinyu had struggled towards, and was also the symbol of being a Moon Seizing Sect Elder. If Zhou Xinyu ever saw any of these Elders, she had to be completely respectful and bow.

But now, Lin Ming had attained strength that was equal to an inner court Elder of the Moon Seizing Sect?

As Zhou Xinyu was lost in thought, suddenly she heard Zhang Zhen cry out, “Big Brother Lin, Big Brother Lin!” As Zhang Zhen held a roasted blue-eyed pheasant in one hand, he madly waved to the approaching Lin Ming with the other.

If she didn’t see this with her own eyes, Zhou Xinyu would hardly have believed it. This core disciple of Divine Phoenix Island who had just been full of swagger and bluster a few days ago, was actually charmingly smiling at Lin Ming, taking the role of a little brother greeting his big brother.

Lin Ming had just come back from meeting with old lady Yuhuang and had been invited to participate in this bonfire party. Without a doubt, he was tonight’s center lead.

The entire bonfire party was suddenly in pandemonium, everyone’s eyes turning to look at him. In most of these eyes shined worship and admiration. Of course, there were also some eyes that were filled with envy. And for most of the people here, this was the first time that they had seen Lin Ming.

“He’s Lin Ming? He doesn’t seem like he would be as strong as a Xiantian martial artist.” A 15 or 16 year old inner court disciple suddenly said. As he looked at the aura that Lin Ming exuded, it was much worse than a Xiantian realm master.

“You stupid idiot, you know nothing. Senior-apprentice Brother Lin usually keeps his aura hidden. When he needs to, in a critical moment he can erupt with endless strength. Not only that, but he can erupt twice! It’s no problem for his momentum to increase by five, six, seven, eight times over!”

In the battle with Lei Mubai, Lin Ming’s true essence had erupted twice. The first was when he has used the power of Tempering Marrow, and the second time was when he had opened the Heretical God Force. The impression that this had left on everyone’s mind was simply too deep.

After Lin Ming arrived, he saw Mu Xiaoqing and Mu Dingshan and smiled at them in greeting. Then he walked over to Zhang Zhen and sat beside him.

“Zhou Xinyu?” Lin Ming discovered that Zhou Xinyu was also there.

“Mm, Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang allowed me to come.” Zhou Xinyu carefully put down the barbecue in her hands and said, “I want to thank you. I became an inner court disciple of Divine Phoenix Island and… Her Highness the Saintess also allowed me to study a jade slip with the first layer of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’. She also promised that within a month she will transplant the Vermillion Bird bloodline within me.”

Zhou Xinyu’s voice was a bit cautious. Lin Ming’s halo was simply too bright and dazzling now. She unconsciously spoke to him in a respectful manner. As for the young and fanciful thoughts of a girl that she had held for Lin Ming after he had repeatedly rescued her from danger, she had already deeply suppressed these within her heart.

“Good, I’m happy for you.” Lin Ming had mentioned Zhou Xinyu’s matter to Mu Qianyu. With a word from Mu Qianyu, this situation was quickly resolved. Of course, the Vermillion Bird bloodline that Zhou Xinyu would have transplanted within her was far inferior to the one that Lin Ming would receive through the Vermillion Bird blood essence. Although each inner court disciple had the Vermillion Bird bloodline, it was also divided by rank. Mu Qianyu had promised a very high rank to Zhou Xinyu, enough for her to practice the first few layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, and also to obtain a certain fire-attribute true essence fusion compatibility.

With the pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere of the party, Lin Ming was introduced to everyone by Zhang Zhen. Among many of these were the direct disciples of Divine Phoenix Island, including Yan Fuhong.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Yan.” Lin Ming smiled as he cupped his hands across his chest.

Yan Fuhong’s face was somewhat stiff. Originally he would rather die than attend this party, but all the other direct disciples and core disciples were participating. If he didn’t come, that would be a blatant admission of his guilt.

Yan Fuhong’s heart was troubled. If he had known earlier just how abnormal this Lin Ming was, he would never have had the courage to oppose him. In the future, Lin Ming had the possibility to be a character that exceeded the likes of Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun. If old lady Yuhuang felt like it, she might even randomly assign a title on Lin Ming like the Saint Son of Divine Phoenix Island. Even though Yan Fuhong wasn’t a small fish, he wouldn’t even be enough for Lin Ming to stick between his teeth.

Yan Fuhong barely managed to cling to the bitter and pained smile on his face. He didn’t know whether or not Zhang Yunjian had sold him out, but with Lin Ming’s current influence, if he had asked Zhan Yunjian, Zhan Yunjian would absolutely speak the truth. As he thought this, Yan Fuhong’s face was like a beaten up eggplant. He raised his head and took a drink of his wine, hesitating as to whether or not he should confess everything and beg for mercy. But at this time, Lin Ming had already turned to leave. Yan Fuhong let out a long sigh of relief, his palms sweaty.

After he had been introduced to most of the disciples present, Lin Ming found a free seat near a bonfire and sat down, placing his total concentration into cooking barbecue. Lin Ming liked barbecue, and he was also very talented at cooking.

Quickly, Lin Ming became to focus of everyone at this bonfire. Of course, the attention of the female disciples was unavoidable. The female disciples of Divine Phoenix Island were famous throughout the entire South Horizon Region; they were top in both quantity and quality. Most of the disciples at this party were women, and they were dressed in exquisite clothing; this was truly a gathering of beauties.

During this period, from time to time an amazingly gorgeous and well-dressed girl would intentionally or unintentionally sashay over to where Lin Ming was at this bonfire.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin, that fire origin energy fluctuation I felt during that evening at the Parasol Tree Pavilion was so fierce. I heard that Senior-apprentice Brother Lin has studied the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ for only a few months to reach this level. I’ve practiced for two years and have just broken through to the second layer. Perhaps Senior-apprentice Brother Lin could come over some time and personally guide me?”

A cute and lovable 15 or 16 year girl gazed at Lin Ming with her black eyes shining, hope and longing within them.

“Uh, well… I’ve also only reached the second layer. If I can cultivate to a higher layer, I will have the opportunity to assist you.”

“Really! If Senior-apprentice Brother Lin says so, then a promise is a promise.”

“Mm. A promise is a promise.”

“Senior-apprentice Brother Lin, can you taste this chicken wing that I’ve roasted?” Another cute girl came along. She had brought a carefully selected pheasant wing; this was the best one that she had managed to roast after a long time.

“Thank you.” Lin Ming faintly smiled as he received it, feeling a bit helpless. He was beginning to think that an imbalance between men and women wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

Divine Phoenix Island had an excess of female disciples. If any one of these Divine Phoenix Island girls were to be placed in the mortal world or a small sect, they would be the proud and most talented woman there. Naturally, they had no liking for mortal men. Without mentioning, just the gap of youth between a martial artist and a mortal was enough. As for marrying the disciples of other fourth-grade sects, they would have to face the choice of leaving the sect. But once they left, they wouldn’t be able to continue practicing Divine Phoenix Island’s cultivation methods. And as for staying to enhance the Vermillion Bird bloodline purity in their bodies, that would become impossible.

Because of these reasons, the female disciples of Divine Phoenix Island tried as hard as they could to marry within the sect. Therefore all of the male disciples were extremely sought after. In fact, it was common for very outstanding male disciples to have many wives and concubines. For instance, with Zhang Zhen, a disciple of his level might have several maid disciples serving him in the bedroom even after he was married. A disciple like that within Divine Phoenix Island was equivalent to a janitor disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys in status – there was simply a massive number of them.

Most of the female disciples of Divine Phoenix Island would rather be a concubine than marry into strange and distant fourth grade sects. But as a concubine, they also had to settle on someone. Appearances were secondary. What was most important were their talent and potential.

Someone like Lin Ming, who was very handsome and was also strong to the point of being abnormal, would naturally be their top choice.

Although the female disciples of Divine Phoenix Island had a very noble and virtuous personality, when they were looking for a man, they would drop any qualms they had. Especially when it came to such a top choice like Lin Ming, the slightest bit of hesitation would cause them to lose out.

At first, there were just some girls that came up to chat with Lin Ming out of accident or design. Then, there were girls that started to come up to him, giving him barbecue to taste. Soon a massive plate near Lin Ming was piling over with barbecue. When Zhang Zhen saw this, he was speechless. His stomach was rumbling with hunger, and yet Lin Ming wouldn’t even be able to eat all this.

Zhang Zhen couldn’t help but take out a few pieces of barbecue from that giant pile. He hadn’t even bitten into it when he felt a chill climb up his back. He turned around and was surprised to see several young girls glaring at him with deathly murder in their eyes. Zhang Zhen’s neck shrank, and his courage dimmed as he quickly and meekly placed back the barbecue.


As the bonfire party reached its peak, Mu Qianyu arrived. Several of the surrounding disciples saw her and quickly stood up to bow. Mu Qianyu smiled and said, “Everyone relax, please be casual. Today I’ve only come to have a look at the fun, there’s no need to pay attention to me.”

As Mu Qianyu said this, she walked over to the bonfire that Lin Ming was sitting at.


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