Chapter 387 - Confrontation

Chapter 387 Confrontation.


Chapter 387 – Confrontation

Although Lei Jingtian was very skilled at covering his expression, there was still a slight true essence fluctuation that he emitted from the shock of a moment ago. All of this was keenly captured by Mu Yuhuang’s senses.

‘This old fox!’ Mu Yuhuang’s face darkened. She finally understood why Lei Jingtian had been so adamantly opposing her, obstructing her repeatedly. It was highly likely that he was collaborating together with Lei Mubai. ‘Lei Jingtian most likely sold himself out to the South Sea Demon Region. There’s a high chance that what Lin Ming said was true. Action first, consequences later, what a brave boy! The key is, how can he prove this? In this situation it’s impossible to torture the information out of this Lei Mubai.’

Mu Yuhuang knew what was at stake. If Lin Ming couldn’t provide a clear and adequate explanation, he would most likely die a horrible death. It was impossible for Divine Phoenix Island to protect him in that case.

Lei Jingtian’s entire body flashed with arcs of thunder. His eyes were like those of a savage beast staring at its prey.

Even the Deep Earth Sect’s Shi Zhongkun was standing behind him. Before, he had been humiliated and defeated by Lin Ming in a battle of words. Now that he had an opportunity to kick Lin Ming while he was down, how could he...

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