Chapter 386 - Action First, Consequences Later

Chapter 386 Action First, Consequences Later.


Chapter 386 – Action First, Consequences Later

The Thundercrest Sovereign Sect Lei Jingtian was shaking in disbelief. No one understood more than him just how terrifying Lei Mubai’s strength was. But now, this Lin Ming had actually jumped realms and defeated him! The mental impact that this brought was too great, he simply couldn’t believe it!

As for the young disciples of the Five Element Region, all of them were still in a daze. Whether it was Lei Mubai or Lin Ming, the power of these two had already surpassed the scope of their understanding. And now, Lin Ming’s victory made them feel like they were living a lucid dream.

This was the first time they ever realized that a late Pulse Condensation martial artist and an early Houtian martial artist could achieve such a degree of power.

This shock was too intense, none of them were able to open their mouths to speak. Even a Saint rank talent wasn’t insufficient to describe Lin Ming. In their view, he was like a character that had only existed in ancient legends. For instance, the Netherworld Great Emperor, who had once taken the heads of all the sect leaders of the Five Element Region…

Within the Sunfire Sect banquet area, the Sunfire Princess stared at Lin Ming, her heart pounding and her face flushed red, sighing. She had been feeling a bit resentful because the spotlight had been stolen from her, but after bearing witness to the glorious battle between Lin Ming and Lei Mubai, she instead felt that she was very lucky. With her strength, if she went onstage it would be nothing more than a good laugh.

“How deplorable. I once thought that I was a top talent, but now, it seems I was just a frog in a well.”

It wasn’t just the Sunfire Princess, but even the proud Zhou Lie, the clear Zhan Yunjian, and the indifferent Bai Aoxuan, all of them had the same idea. Ever since they were children, they had grown up under the aurora of being top geniuses, and they had no peers that were able to compete on their level. This inevitably gave birth to thoughts that they would become the future heroes of the world. But now, if they compared themselves with Lin Ming, they feared that they would never catch up to him in their lifetimes.

Mu Fengxian withdrew her gaze, her eyes slowly closing. Lin Ming was a genius that had exceeded the ability of Divine Phoenix Island to raise. Such an existence should have appeared in a fifth-grade sect, or even a Holy Land.

Only a great power that had thousands or even tens of thousands of years of accumulated destiny would be able to raise a genius like Lin Ming so that he could one day become a Peerless Emperor. He would one day ascend to the skies, eventually leaving behind an indelible legacy in his people, being known as an unrivalled Peerless Great Emperor.

Within the entire square, no one spoke for several breaths of time; the audience was starkly silent. The Revolving Core Elders were sighing in their hearts, and the young heroic elites were etching the details of this battle between young Kings in their mind. This battle had simply left too great an impression on their minds, and had completely subverted the way in which they view the world. Before, many of them had dreams of being a chosen of heaven that would ascend to the heavens, but now, it was as if they had been rudely awakened from this dream. Perhaps, to them, this wasn’t a bad thing at all.

In the silence of the square, as the audience was still disoriented, Lin Ming recovered the Purple Comet Spear and moved towards Lei Mubai, one step at a time.

At this time, Lei Mubai was kneeling on the floor, the light in his eyes dim and his mouth wet with blood. He still remained conscious, but because his injuries were too heavy and he had consumed too much blood essence, he was on the verge of teetering over on the floor.

Seeing Lin Ming walk towards him, Lei Mubai’s once dim eyes turned a bright blood red. His murderous intent and will to kill burst forth. He wanted to open his mouth to spit out several words, but as he tried to speak, all that came flowing out was blood, and he simply couldn’t say a word.

Today’s shame had forever etched itself into Lei Mubai’s heart. If he didn’t avenge this disgrace, this would become a barrier in Lei Mubai that would frustrate his spirit and stymie his every effort.

Those that cultivated in the demonic path were much more focused on making sure that their thoughts flowed freely and their spirit was unburdened. The demonic path had always been synonymous with doing whatever one wished, unlike the righteous path where there were still many morals and principles one had to follow.

Those that cultivated the demonic path took the world as their enemy and went against all living beings. If they didn’t act in a manner that satisfied their own desires, then what was the point of cultivating the demonic path? They may as well pray to Buddha!

Lei Mubai couldn’t speak, thus he only cursed in his heart. ‘On the day that Divine Phoenix Island is exterminated, I will have you beg for death. I will waste your martial arts, break your four limbs and stick you in a box. I will have you watch as I freely use all of the resources that Divine Phoenix Island has accumulated. I will also waste Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun’s martial arts, and strip their clothes naked in front of you. I will ravage them, humiliate them, and obtain their bloodlines!’

As Lei Mubai thought this, his lips curved up in a smile. The destruction of Divine Phoenix Island would happen sooner or later, that day was not too far away.

As he saw Lin Ming’s eyes contain a murderous intent that wished to kill him, he sneered. ‘Pitiful. No matter how talented you are, you’re still trapped in the fourth-grade sect that is Divine Phoenix Island. This is no different than placing shackles on your feet. You will never ascend to the heavens!’

“Lin… Ming… one day… I will avenge today’s shame!” Lei Mubai said with a true essence sound transmission. With his current condition, even using a true essence sound transmission was very difficult.

Lin Ming acted as if he didn’t even hear Lei Mubai’s true essence sound transmission. Instead, he brightly smiled as he sauntered over and placed his hand on Lei Mubai’s shoulder, a friendly gesture as if he wanted to help lift him up.

Lei Mubai’s entire body stiffened, “You…”

“Before, I had said that you didn’t understand the situation you were in. And even now, you still don’t understand just what situation you’re in. Avenge the shame of today? I’m sorry, but it seems that you’ll never have the opportunity to do so.” Lin Ming’s lips moved, his bone chilling true essence sound transmission sounding in Lei Mubai’s ears, making him feel like he had fallen into an icy sea.

“You’re… crazy…!”

“Now die!”

Lin Ming’s smiling face suddenly turned cold. He lifted his palm and smashed it down on Lei Mubai’s chest.

Pulse Cutting Palm!


Lei Mubai’s body shook. He was already weakened to the point that he could no longer resist. Lin Ming’s brutal power broke into his meridians, shredding them all to pieces!


Lei Mubai crazily spat out blood, his mind filled with incredible disbelief. This Lin Ming, he was utterly mad!

This incident had happened so suddenly that when Lin Ming had struck Lei Mubai with his palm, none of the Revolving Core masters were able to stop him. Everyone thought that Lin Ming was about to support Lei Mubai up by his arm, but none of them thought that Lin Ming would take advantage of this time when Lei Mubai had lost all strength to resistance to lay down such a heavy strike. What was he doing? Was he trying to provoke a war between Divine Phoenix Island and the Five Element Region?

Divine Phoenix Island was already in a very precarious situation. If they provoked such outrage and stirred up a war with the Five Element Region, they would absolutely die!

Lin Ming’s actions were only digging his own grave! Even if he was a character that was destined to become a Peerless Emperor in the future, at this moment, Divine Phoenix Island would not dare to protect him!

“Boy, you are seeking death!”

No one was more enraged than Lei Jingtian. Lei Mubai was the Saint Son of the South Sea Demon Region! He was the future leader of the South Sea Demon Region!

If he died here, the South Sea Demon Region would vent their rage upon him. Even if the South Sea Demon Region didn’t bother with him now because of their war with Divine Phoenix Island, they would not pardon him in the future. As for his dreams of the ancient Devil Tome, that had all fallen apart!

Lei Jingtian had never felt so angry before. His hands flashed with a purple electric light and his palm slammed down towards Lin Ming. This palm strike was able to instantly kill a late Xiantian realm master; Lin Ming would absolutely die.

Everyone was too surprised to even call out. Lei Jingtian’s palm was already coming down. Under the violent compression of energy, the space around Lin Ming tightened as if it were rooting him in place, not allowing him to move. But the truth was, even if Lin Ming could freely move, he still wouldn’t be able to dodge.

“Lei Jingtian, what are you doing!?”

At this critical moment, Mu Yuhuang appeared like a blaze of flame on the stage, her palm coming up to meet Lei Jingtian. A loud thunderclap roared through the square!


Lei Jingtian was forced back several steps. As for Mu Yuhuang, she shook for a moment before firmly steadying herself.

Lei Jingtian’s was shaking with fury. “What am I doing!? I should ask you what you are doing! Mu Yuhuang, are you planning on allowing your disciple to recklessly murder others!?”

At this moment, Mu Yuhuang had a very ugly complexion. In the moment that Lin Ming had taken action, she had heard a true essence sound transmission from him, “Lei Mubai is a spy from the South Sea Demon Region!”

Lin Ming had completely taken action first and worried about consequences later. Mu Yuhuang hadn’t even had the time to respond!

Even the strong-willed Mu Yuhuang was in a complete mess. The consequences of this incident were simply too great; six of the seven great sects of the Five Element Region were present today and closely watching. This boy Lin Ming, how was he planning on revealing everything!?

If he didn’t have proof to back up his thoughts, even Divine Phoenix Island wouldn’t be able to maintain his life!

She wanted to rebuke Lin Ming, but now was not the time to reprimand him. Since what had happened had happened, first, she had to resolve this issue.

The Elders of the Five Element Region’s sects had also stood up, anger on their faces as they glared at Lin Ming. No matter what, the Five Element Region’s seven great sects of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder were all connected to each other; how could they tolerate something like this occurring?

At this point, Lei Mubai already seemed to be dying, the faint embers of his life flickering away. All of his meridians had been shattered, but he still clung to his single breath and didn’t faint. He wasn’t even able to make an expression of anger on his face. He could only relentlessly stare at Lin Ming, unadulterated hatred in his eyes; it was absolutely alarming!

Lei Mubai hadn’t yet realized just what Lin Ming had done to him. He only felt that the meridians in his body had broken in many places. Although it was difficult to treat damage to the meridians, a fifth-grade sect still had the means to do so. It would only require him to stay in bed for several months.

Of course, this was only Lei Mubai’s one-sided wishful thinking.

Lin Ming completely ignored the hate within Lei Mubai’s eyes and faced the anger from the Elders of the Five Element Region’s six sects. He confidently cupped his hands across his chest in a polite ritual and said, “Thunder Sovereign said that I killed him. But that is wrong. Even though my method was extreme, Lei Mubai is still alive.”

Lei Jingtian didn’t think that these would be the first to come out of Lin Ming’s mouth. He began to tremble with anger. “You shattered all his meridians and yet you speak such sarcastic words! Today, this old man will beat this little bastard to death!”

Lei Jingtian’s momentum exploded. But with Mu Yuhuang in front of him, there was nothing he could do.

Lin Ming said, “All of the actions I’ve taken naturally have a reason, and that is that Lei Mubai is from the South Sea Demon Region. Don’t tell me that the Thunder Sovereign doesn’t know this fact!”


With Lin Ming’s words, the entire audience was startled, their minds shaking. Even Lei Jingtian was filled with disbelief. How was this possible? How had he discovered this!?

However, he had lived for several hundred years and managed not to lose his composure. He immediately denied this. “What irresponsible fiction! Mubai is the genius that I personally discovered within the northern domains three years ago! His background is clean; how could he possibly be a spy!?

Although Lei Jingtian was very skilled at covering his expression, there was still a slight true essence fluctuation that he emitted from the shock of a moment ago. All of this was keenly captured by Mu Yuhuang’s senses.


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