Chapter 386 - Action First, Consequences Later

Chapter 386 Action First, Consequences Later.


Chapter 386 – Action First, Consequences Later

The Thundercrest Sovereign Sect Lei Jingtian was shaking in disbelief. No one understood more than him just how terrifying Lei Mubai’s strength was. But now, this Lin Ming had actually jumped realms and defeated him! The mental impact that this brought was too great, he simply couldn’t believe it!

As for the young disciples of the Five Element Region, all of them were still in a daze. Whether it was Lei Mubai or Lin Ming, the power of these two had already surpassed the scope of their understanding. And now, Lin Ming’s victory made them feel like they were living a lucid dream.

This was the first time they ever realized that a late Pulse Condensation martial artist and an early Houtian martial artist could achieve such a degree of power.

This shock was too intense, none of them were able to open their mouths to speak. Even a Saint rank talent wasn’t insufficient to describe Lin Ming. In their view, he was like a character that had only existed in ancient legends. For instance, the Netherworld Great Emperor, who had once taken the heads of all the sect leaders of the Five Element Region…

Within the Sunfire Sect banquet area, the Sunfire Princess stared at Lin Ming, her heart pounding and her face flushed red,...

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