Chapter 385 - Battle of Kings

Chapter 385 Battle of Kings.


Chapter 385 – Battle of Kings

The entire audience was shocked speechless. No one imagined that the battle between the Kings of the younger generation would be at such a terrifying level.

The stage floor underneath the two youths’ feet had been strengthened by an array formation, becoming as hard as iron. But now, it was all left in ruins.

Lei Mubai’s Blood Shadow Avatar that he released had been destroyed by Lin Ming, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood. His injuries were definitely serious. Although Lin Ming wasn’t wounded, his face was very pale; obviously, he had also consumed a great deal of blood vitality.

Originally, with Lin Ming’s astonishing recovery ability, this wouldn’t be a problem. But Lei Mubai’s extremely strange moves were able to affect the blood essence within Lin Ming’s body, causing it to tumble within him. In order to suppress the roiling blood essence, he had to waste a massive amount of energy – and that was why he was exhausted to this degree.

“Lin Ming’s hand is also injured!”

The audience discovered that Lin Ming’s right had was slicked red with blood. Obviously, this was the result of the collision from a moment ago!

“His fist was injured when he shattered the blood claw.”

“This is normal in such a violent collision. After all, Lin Ming doesn’t...

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