Chapter 384 - Tempering Marrow VS Devil Arts

Chapter 384 Tempering Marrow VS Devil Arts.


Chapter 384 – Tempering Marrow VS Devil Arts

Facing the blazoning might of the ancient devil arts and the crazy Lei Mubai whose hair was bathed in a blood red light, Lin Ming was finally able to completely confirm that Lei Mubai was from the South Sea Demon Region.

‘The ancient devil arts can multiply one’s own strength?’ Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a smile, ‘If I hadn’t completed 20% of Tempering Marrow then I would absolutely have lost this battle. But now, Lei Mubai is able to have me fight to the limits of my strength! With 20% Tempering Marrow added together with the opening of the Heretical God Force, just what would the result be?’

Lin Ming gripped the Purple Comet Spear horizontally and stood tall on the stage, his body exuding a virtuous light. Suddenly, his aura began to thicken, becoming increasingly swift and fierce, and a spear intent that could sweep away all surged forth. At this moment, Lin Ming was like a unrivalled treasure spear, immeasurably keen. With a single thought, he could pierce through the world!

“Mm? Lin Ming’s aura is also intensifying!”

“It’s not only his aura that is intensifying, but the true essence in his body is becoming increasingly thick! Heavens! How can a Pulse Condensation period martial...

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