Chapter 382 - Thunder Soul Clash

Chapter 382 Thunder Soul Clash.


Chapter 382 – Thunder Soul Clash

As Lin Ming leapt onstage, he immediately aroused the attention and cries of the audience. Everyone fell silent, their breath abated; all of them had been waiting for this battle between the two greatest talents of the Five Element Region and the South Horizon Region.

However, everyone also thought it was very unfortunate that Lin Ming and Lei Mubai weren’t on the same level. For one at the late Pulse Condensation period to go against someone at the early Houtian realm… that wasn’t a small gap at all.

“Lin Ming, this damn fellow, he’s just disgracing himself.” At the Thundercrest Sect banquet area, Zhou Xiaoling was glaring at Lin Ming with resentment in her eyes. She raised her fists that were covered in soy sauce, waiting for Lin Ming to be defeated.

As for Zhou Lie, he helplessly looked at his little sister. He thought that after Lei Mubai had proposed marriage to Divine Phoenix Island, Zhou Xiaoling would drop whatever fond desires she held towards Lei Mubai. But, it seemed as if she hadn’t changed her mind about him at all. He had no idea what she was thinking.

“Lin Ming isn’t so simple…” Zhou Lie said. “We have already underestimated him once, do not underestimate him again.”

“Humph! Just you want and see!” Zhou Xiaoling didn’t bother to argue, she was a staunch supporter...

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