Chapter 381 - Netherworld Emperor’s Descendant

Chapter 381 Netherworld Emperor’s Descendant.


Chapter 381 – Netherworld Emperor’s Descendant

In the brief time that Lin Ming was lost in thought, Mu Xiaoqing’s ice lotus had already been crushed by Lei Mubai’s blood claw!

After the blood claw tore apart the icy blue lotus, it continued on, striking at Mu Xiaoqing. Mu Xiaoqing flew backwards, her blue sword shining with a keen cold light as she thrust it out.

Ding ding ding!

There was the sound of metal colliding. Mu Xiaoqing let out countless sword lights that pierced the blood claw, sparking a cloud of bloody flog.


The blood claw finally exploded, the blood mixing with the crimson lightning to splash onto Mu Xiaoqing. Mu Xiaoqing’s clothes and body were completely stained red with blood.

Her face paled. She took several heavy steps backwards, each step creating a bloody footprint on the stage.

Lin Ming could clearly see that the truth was, this blood was generated from the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder’s blood essence that it had absorbed after it was stimulated with true essence. This was real blood!

This Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder truly seemed like an evil weapon.

Mu Xiaoqing looked at the bloodstains on the ground and then at Lei Mubai’s grinning face. A sense of deep humiliation surged within her heart....

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