Chapter 380 - Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder

Chapter 380 Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder.


Chapter 380 – Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder

Lei Mubai’s face had fallen to the point that it was almost dripping water. “Since High Master Yuhuang has spoken, let it be so. Then, I still ask for advice from all the young heroic elites of Divine Phoenix Island. Since High Master seems so self-assured, I would like to ask: if I can defeat all of Divine Phoenix Island’s disciples by myself, what then?

Lei Mubai’s words were obviously daring her to act. He calculated that Mu Yuhuang had a very tough and unbending personality that wouldn’t accept defeat, so he could only provoke her like this.

“You want to incite me so that I’ll somehow take the matter of Qianyu’s wedding as a gambling stake with you?”

Lei Mubai calmly stared at Mu Yuhuang, this idea clearly in his heart.

Mu Yuhuang bleakly laughed twice. Suddenly, her willowy eyebrows shot up, and the aura of her entire body erupted forth. In the blink of an eye, a visible crimson ring of fire burst forth from around her; this was the terrifying power of fire condensed from fire origin energy.


That ring of fire instantly spread throughout the entire banquet audience. It caused no damage, and not even a single dish was broken in half, but everyone present felt a terrifying pressure like a mountain top was crushing down on them. Especially Lei Mubai, who bore the brunt of this ferocious aura; he felt like his organs had been struck by a sledgehammer and was forced several steps back, his feet hitting the floor with a ‘deng deng deng’ sound.

Mu Yuhuang’s voice was chilling, “Give up on this idea in your heart. This old woman has never feared anyone in making a gambling bet. But this old woman will also not take Qianyu’s marriage as a gambling stake. If you wish to bet on anything else, this old woman will accompany you!”

As Mu Yuhuang spoke, Mu Qianyu had slowly moved behind her, looking at Mu Yuhuang’s hair that had long turned silver, and pursed her lips. Mu Qianyu didn’t say anything. She was aware that Mu Yuhuang had never married in her entire life, and also never had children before. She knew that Mu Yuhuang had viewed her as her own flesh and blood daughter.

The scene was tense, as if it could blow up at any moment.

Lei Mubai took deep breaths, slowly suppressing the roiling true essence within his body that was aggravated by Mu Yuhuang’s terrifying aura. “I’m not interesting in betting anything else. Since High Mastert is not interested, then that too is fine. With my status as the Thundercrest Sect’s Limitless Envoy, I challenge all the heroic elites of Divine Phoenix Island!”

Lei Mubai’s words were filled with arrogance and contempt. As the Saint Son of the South Sea Demon Region, and also the top talent of a fifth-grade sect, he naturally looked down on the disciples of Divine Phoenix Island.

‘I had wanted to use this method of marriage to take Mu Qianyu’s virginity and then use this chance to have the Thundercrest Sect betray Divine Phoenix Island. But I have no idea what sort of drugs this old bag Mu Yuhuang took that she immediately labeled me as a lecherous womanizer, and didn’t even consider the matter before rejecting me. Does she want Mu Qianyu to end up like her and never marry in her lifetime?’

‘Could this old woman have found something wrong with my body?’ Lei Mubai thought of this and his heart tightened on the spot. However, he immediately shook his head. ‘No, that’s impossible. With her personality, if she really did recognize me, then she would probably capture me right here. Not just that, but there is no flaw with my body. Could it have just been her intuition that told her I had another scheme in mind and thus flatly refused me?’

Lei Mubai grit his teeth, wishing in his heart that he could tear Mu Yuhuang to pieces. ‘Since I can’t take Mu Qianyu’s virginity, I’ll ruin all the chief disciples of Divine Phoenix Island. Since I have determined to become a Peerless Emperor, I must step over the corpses of a massive number of geniuses to arrive at that peak. I will shatter their confidence and engrave this experience in my heart! Mu Yuhuang, since you dare to act like this to me, I will break the spirit of your disciples so that they’ll find it difficult to ever step into the Revolving Core realm! This is the revenge that I will take for your insults against me today!’

Thinking this, Lei Mubai looked at Mu Xiaoqing, the corners of his mouth curving up in a nefarious grin. First, he would start with this girl! What a pity that the Blue Luan bloodline within her body was too thin, otherwise having a taste of her would be very delicious.

Mu Xiaoqing frowned. She felt that this Lei Mubai in front of her was no different than a cold and dangerous snake, his eyes filled with aggressiveness.

She flourished her longsword, coldly saying, “Take out your weapon!”

“Weapon?” Lei Mubai crossed his arms behind his back, speaking with utter disdain, “To deal with the likes of you, I don’t need my weapon. If you can last against five of my moves, I’ll consider this your win!”


Mu Xiaoqing’s slender eyebrows shot up, anger pulsing in her heart.

It wasn’t just Mu Xiaoqing, but all the disciples of Divine Phoenix Island were angry. This Lei Mubai was simply too arrogant! These words were all said to humiliate the other party! Normally when other martial artists fought, even if one knew their opponent was far inferior, they would still respect their opponent. But, these words were obviously all said to shame the other party and attack their confidence.

“You are too detestable!”

Mu Xiaoqing clenched her teeth, when had she ever been humiliated like this before?

Lin Ming shook his head. Since Lei Mubai had already spoken such words, this battle would continue, and not only that, but continue in the most violent and desperate manner possible. There was no point in trying to persuade Mu Xiaoqing otherwise. If she was humiliated by her opponent like this and chose to retreat, swallowing this fateful shame, the result would even be worse than suffering a crushing defeat.

“Xiaoqing, Lei Mubai is a Saint rank talent. If you do not have the ability to cope with him, admit defeat now.” Mu Yuhuang feared that Mu Xiaoqing would be provoked into doing something completely irrational, so she cautioned her with a true essence sound transmission.

“Saint rank talent?” Mu Xiaoqing gasped. The truth was that she had already expected this. If Lei Mubai had dared to speak ruthless words, how could he not be confident in his strength?

But deep down, she had an unyielding disposition that had no intention of conceding.

‘So what if you’re a Saint rank talent? Even if I’m weaker than you, I will still force you to use your weapon. At least, even if I lose, I won’t let you defeat me within five moves!’

Mu Xiaoqing stimulated the true essence in her body to the extreme, revolving the ‘Blue Luan Abstract Phantom Code’. Although she was angry, she still maintained her calm reasoning, not losing her heart. If she violently attacked him, she would just be defeated faster.

“Hehe, you’re quite smart. But still useless.”

Lei Mubai gathered his hands together, and red arcs of lightning flashed in his hands like a beautiful living spirit. A faint crackling sound lingered in the air. These red arcs of lightning faintly exuded the aura of blood.

“Red lightning?”

This was the first time that Lin Ming had seen lightning of this color.

As the red light began to radiate more brightly, becoming increasingly dazzling, the thunder in Lei Mubai’s hands seemed to become a floating blob of blood.

“Thunder Soul! It’s actually an earth-step Thunder Soul!” A Thundercrest Sect disciple shouted out, stunned.

Even Zhou Lie was stunned. He had a Thunder Soul in his body, but that was a high-grade human-step Thunder Soul. Even so, his Thundercrest Sect had paid a great price in order to assist him in completing its absorption.

Mu Qianyu let out a light breath; this was actually the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder. In the legends, it spoke of many ancient battlefields on which countless powerhouses fell from the sky, creating a dark and ominous land. These battlefields also happened to be places where there was intense thunder. After tens of thousands of years passed, a Thunder Soul would be born from absorbing the blood essence of the countless powerhouses, thus becoming this Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder!

The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder could swallow an enemy’s blood essence and use it for oneself. This was an extremely evil and diabolical kind of thunder.

Not only that, but it was a low-grade earth-step Thunder Soul. It was on par with Lin Ming’s Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder!

Such a grade was not something that a non-middle Xiantian realm master would be able to absorb.

Even if a large sect used all sorts of supplementary materials and provided all sorts of facilities and assistance, paying a massive price, at most they would be able to assist an early Xiantian master in absorbing this!

But now, it was actually absorbed by this Lei Mubai. Of course, this didn’t mean that Lei Mubai had strength equal to an early Xiantian master, but it meant that in the aspect of thunder talent, it was possible that he was a peerless monstrous genius!

Naturally, this was far worse than Lin Ming, who had absorbed the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder with a cultivation at the peak of Bone Forging; Lei Mubai had absorbed this Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder at the early Houtian realm. This fact was enough to cause the shock in Mu Qianyu’s heart to subside some.

Mu Yuhuang’s voice was heavy, “This Lei Mubai already has the talent to become a Peerless Emperor. As long as he can gather destiny around him, he will become a Peerless Emperor a hundred years from now!”

In order to become a Peerless Emperor, talent and destiny were indispensable. Mu Yuhuang had believed that Lin Ming had a great hope to become a Peerless Emperor, and that was because she saw a great destiny upon his body.

As for this Lei Mubai, he had a sufficient heaven-defying talent, all he lacked was a great enough destiny!

“Honorable Master, if that truly is the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder, then Xiaoqing will be in danger. If something goes wrong, there will be invisible injuries left within her, affecting her future cultivation.

The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder could swallow a martial artist’s blood essence. But once once lost blood essence, it was very difficult to recover from this loss. With just a bit gone, it would affect one’s future achievements.

Mu Yuhuang’s eyebrows twitched. Against the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder, it was naturally a dangerous situation. But if Mu Xiaoqing retreated without a fight, this would also create an evil spirit within Mu Xiaoqing’s heart; it would be extremely difficult for her to ever overcome this hurdle. Not just that, but Lei Mubai was younger than Mu Xiaoqing, and his cultivation was only at the early Houtian realm, whereas Mu Xiaoqing was at the peak of the early Houtian realm.

Mu Xiaoqing surpassed him in age and cultivation. If she was humiliated and didn’t fight back, this sort of disgrace would become a fatal blow to a martial artist’s hearts of martial arts.

In the square, Lei Mubai’s Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder had twined around his entire body. It was just like a venomous serpent that was wound around a man.

“Take my first move, Blood Thunder Claw!” Lei Mubai suddenly stepped forwards, the red light around his hand condensing into a giant claw!

The red light in his hands rushed out, expanding into a massive bloody claw that grasped at Mu Xiaoqing.

The bloody claw wasn’t even close, but Mu Xiaoqing felt the blood essence within her body experience a traction force, causing turbulence within her true essence.

In this situation, Lei Mubai didn’t dare to flagrantly swallow Mu Xiaoqing’s blood essence. With that old lady Yuhuang behind her shielding her, he had to let this go. Still, he could severely injure her.

The claw flew out, bringing the rolling sound of thunder with it. Mu Xiaoqing bit her lips, and a deep and vibrant blue light burst forth from the blue sword in her hands. The phantom of an ice lotus appeared behind Mu Xiaoqing, the ice lotus flower beginning to blossom.

“Blue Lotus Sword!”

The spinning blue lotus flower collided with Lei Mubai’s crimson bloody claw, and a brilliant light flashed out, extremely gorgeous. Countless blue ice crystals were like flowers scattered in the air by celestial beauties all around, with red arcs of lightning savagely flying throughout.

True essence surged, blood vitality tumbled. A terrifying cold air flew out in all directions, and a layer of ice instantly covered the ground. However, these ice crystals were all coated with a strange blood red, as if they were exquisite red crystals.

In the moment that the true essence shockwave passed over Lin Ming, his heart shook.

‘Mm? It’s this feeling again!’

Lin Ming felt a very familiar soul fluctuation within this true essence shockwave. At the time when Lei Mubai went onstage, he also felt this once. He thought he had sensed wrongly, but now he had felt it once more.

What was causing this?

Lin Ming was anxious, his heart doubtful.


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