Chapter 380 - Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder

Chapter 380 Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder.


Chapter 380 – Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder

Lei Mubai’s face had fallen to the point that it was almost dripping water. “Since High Master Yuhuang has spoken, let it be so. Then, I still ask for advice from all the young heroic elites of Divine Phoenix Island. Since High Master seems so self-assured, I would like to ask: if I can defeat all of Divine Phoenix Island’s disciples by myself, what then?

Lei Mubai’s words were obviously daring her to act. He calculated that Mu Yuhuang had a very tough and unbending personality that wouldn’t accept defeat, so he could only provoke her like this.

“You want to incite me so that I’ll somehow take the matter of Qianyu’s wedding as a gambling stake with you?”

Lei Mubai calmly stared at Mu Yuhuang, this idea clearly in his heart.

Mu Yuhuang bleakly laughed twice. Suddenly, her willowy eyebrows shot up, and the aura of her entire body erupted forth. In the blink of an eye, a visible crimson ring of fire burst forth from around her; this was the terrifying power of fire condensed from fire origin energy.


That ring of fire instantly spread throughout the entire banquet audience. It caused no damage, and not even a single dish was broken in half, but everyone present felt a terrifying pressure like a mountain top was...

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