Chapter 379 - Spit In Your Face

Chapter 379 Spit In Your Face.


Chapter 379 – Spit In Your Face

Challenge all the heroic elites of Divine Phoenix Island?

Although Lin Ming had done so a moment ago, he had been compelled to do so by the Deep Earth Sect Elder. The Deep Earth Sect’s Shi Zhongkun had verbally mocked him, this Lin Ming had to do so, or it would have only weakened his momentum.

However, no one had forced Lei Mubai. Not only that, but Lei Mubai had no reputation, there was simply no one who had an idea of who he was. For a 17 year old to reach the Houtian realm was a very amazing event, but one’s cultivation speed didn’t necessarily correlate to an equally good combat strength.

To so openly shout a challenge at all of the Divine Phoenix Island disciples was not different than kicking them in the foot; how could these Divine Phoenix Island disciples possibly tolerate this.

“This boy wants to die!”

“Who the hell does he think he is!?”

“He wants to challenge all the heroic elites of my Divine Phoenix Island? F*ck, who does he think he is, does he think he’s Junior-apprentice Brother Lin? Even Junior-apprentice Brother Lin challenged the direct disciples and hadn’t fought the chief disciples. This fellow is too arrogant! Junior-brother Apprentice Lin should just come up and finish him in a flash!”

The Divine Phoenix Island disciples were scolding this Lei Mubai while they cussed. Even the Five Element Region disciples didn’t believe that...

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