Chapter 379 - Spit In Your Face

Chapter 379 Spit In Your Face.


Chapter 379 – Spit In Your Face

Challenge all the heroic elites of Divine Phoenix Island?

Although Lin Ming had done so a moment ago, he had been compelled to do so by the Deep Earth Sect Elder. The Deep Earth Sect’s Shi Zhongkun had verbally mocked him, this Lin Ming had to do so, or it would have only weakened his momentum.

However, no one had forced Lei Mubai. Not only that, but Lei Mubai had no reputation, there was simply no one who had an idea of who he was. For a 17 year old to reach the Houtian realm was a very amazing event, but one’s cultivation speed didn’t necessarily correlate to an equally good combat strength.

To so openly shout a challenge at all of the Divine Phoenix Island disciples was not different than kicking them in the foot; how could these Divine Phoenix Island disciples possibly tolerate this.

“This boy wants to die!”

“Who the hell does he think he is!?”

“He wants to challenge all the heroic elites of my Divine Phoenix Island? F*ck, who does he think he is, does he think he’s Junior-apprentice Brother Lin? Even Junior-apprentice Brother Lin challenged the direct disciples and hadn’t fought the chief disciples. This fellow is too arrogant! Junior-brother Apprentice Lin should just come up and finish him in a flash!”

The Divine Phoenix Island disciples were scolding this Lei Mubai while they cussed. Even the Five Element Region disciples didn’t believe that Lei Mubai would be able to do so. Even if his cultivation was high, that didn’t mean he would have a combat strength that defied the heavens. Even if his strength reached that of a Saint rank talent, he wouldn’t necessarily win. Divine Phoenix Island had more than 10 Houtian juniors. Not to mention anyone else, but just Mu Dingshan, Mu Xiaoqing, and Lin Ming, these three people were able to have Lei Mubai eat dirt.

“Seniors, please be patient, I haven’t finished speaking yet.” As Lei Mubai stood onstage, he smiled with complete confidence. There was a calming true essence fluctuation that was hidden between his words. In a flash, all of the disciples that were lower than the Houtian realm were affected, and the commotion began to die down.

Lin Ming was a bit stunned “Directly impacting soul force?”

Although these disciples that were affected were the lower grade disciples, the effect was over an extremely wide range. To be able to affect so many disciples at the same time was a truly remarkable feat.

It’s just… this sort of soul force fluctuation gave Lin Ming a sense of déjà vu, as if he had sensed it before. But as he thought about it, he couldn’t remember just where he had felt it.

Did he sense incorrectly?

Lin Ming carefully thought for a moment, but ultimately wasn’t able to come up with anything. He could only attribute this to being a coincidence or an error of his own. After all, sometimes there would be similar soul force fluctuations between two people that had no relation. It was just like two strangers that had similar looks.

Onstage, Lei Mubai continued to say, “I did such, not because I have any evil intentions, but only for one thing, and that is to prove my strength and talent. With this, I would like to propose a marriage to Divine Phoenix Island!”

Propose marriage?

After Lei Mubai spoke, everyone present was frozen.

Lin Ming was also shocked speechless, what was this fellow trying to accomplish?

“Yes, this is my second proposition. My Thundercrest Sect would like to propose marriage to Divine Phoenix Island, and hope that we can forge an alliance to jointly resist the demonic sect together.”

Propose marriage to Divine Phoenix Island, forge an alliance, and resist the demonic sect together!

Such important words could only be spoken by the top figures of the Thundercrest Sect – no one else had the qualifications to do so. Mu Yuhuang frowned, turning to look at Lei Jingtian.

Lei Jingtian laughed and then stood up. He said, “High Master Yuhuang, Mubai is the Limitless Envoy of my Thundercrest Sect and carries the Purple Thunder Command. The words that he says can also represent my Thundercrest Sect.”

“Limitless Envoy?” Mu Yuhuang’s eyebrows arched up. Within the Thundercrest Sect, the one that held the title of ‘Limitless’ was one that was a Saint rank talent. The Limitless Envoy was also equal to the Divine Phoenix Island’s Saintess, and would be able to inherit the position of Sovereign. As for the Purple Thunder Command, that was a symbol of great authority. With it, one could appoint or dismiss outer court Elders, or command inner court Elders. If Lei Jingtian’s words were true, then Lei Mubai was already a top power figure within the Thundercrest Sect.

If such a powerful figure wanted to propose marriage, and also wanted to prove their strength and talent through battle, the object of this marriage was obvious.

“Who do you want to marry?” Mu Yuhuang asked, straight to the point. Her two eyes flashed with an icy coldness, aggressively staring at Lei Mubai. If someone with a weak will met these eyes, they would feel weak at heart and wouldn’t dare to look back.

However, Lei Mubai seemed extremely confident. “I hope that High Master Yuhuang can marry Her Highness Qianyu to me. If so, the Thundercrest Sect is willing to assist Divine Phoenix Island in any way to resist the South Sea Demon Region.

As Lei Mubai spoke, Mu Qianyu was petrified; he actually wanted to marry her?

But as for the Divine Phoenix Island disciples, they were like a pot of sizzling oil that was poured into a vat of cold water; they instantly exploded into an apoplectic rage.

Especially the male disciples, their hearts erupted with rage. Mu Qianyu was the Saintess of Divine Phoenix Island. In the minds of these disciples, she was no different than a goddess. Wanting to marry Mu Qianyu as a wife? This was an unthinkable act. Because in the eyes of these male disciples, Mu Qianyu was a sacred and inviolable existence.

Now some fellow had actually come from the Thundercrest Sect, and dared to blatantly profane the goddess of their hearts?

This was beyond tolerable. If this wasn’t in public, all of these righteously indignant male disciples would have already all rushed towards this Lei Mubai and torn him limb from limb.

“You’re just a toad that wants to eat swan meat! Marry Her Highness the Saintess? Why don’t you take a good look at yourself first!? What qualifications do you have?!”

“He’s just a stupid idiot. He must have gone crazy when he cultivated his thunder skills and fried his brain, turning into a retard!”

“Stupid child, you haven’t even grown all your hair. Stop talking like this is a dream. Get out of my sight and f*ck off home!”

Compared to the stormy furor of these Divine Phoenix Island disciples, Lin Ming’s response was much more calm.

Marry Mu Qianyu? This sort of marriage proposition had to have some sort of nefarious scheme behind it. Either it was a combination of interests or other reasons. In short, it was impossible that Lei Mubai wished to marry because of love or desire for beauty, and then decided to take Mu Qianyu’s marriage as the price for cooperation between the Thundercrest Sect and Divine Phoenix Island.

Lin Ming subconsciously clenched his fists, his knuckles cracking. Although he didn’t know the exact reason why Lei Mubai proposed this, all he knew was that he wanted to go onstage and flatten that smile on Lei Mubai’s stupid face.

Against the verbal abuse of the Divine Phoenix Island disciples that was like a rolling tide, Lei Mubai still smiled all the same. In truth, what he wanted the most was to take both Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun into his harem. Not to mention, how great would the feeling be to be able to enjoy twin sisters as his wives? That was simply utter bliss. And, what was most important was that Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun both had the bloodline of a Saint Beast. Whether it was the Vermillion Bird bloodline or the Blue Luan bloodline, both would be a great benefit to his cultivation. Not only that, but he could also study the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ and the ‘Blue Luan Abstract Phantom Code’. That would be a great cause for rejoicing.

If he could obtain everything, then that would not just be a lucky chance, but simply a massive destiny that fell into his hands!

As for the Thundercrest Sect assisting Divine Phoenix Island, he would definitely be able to circumvent that.

First, he would begin a bumbling attack against the South Sea Demon Region and kill a few people to assuage Divine Phoenix Island. Then, once he managed to obtain Mu Qianyu’s virginity, he would have the Thundercrest Sect make a sudden betrayal. When that time came, perhaps Divine Phoenix Island’s war with the South Sea Demon Region would be finished much earlier than expected.

The only regretful matter would be that he wouldn’t be able to obtain Mu Bingyun. When Divine Phoenix Island broke under his hands, Mu Bingyun would probably prefer death. What a pity that her bloodline would perish along with her pretty body…

As Lei Mubai thought of this regretful future, he smiled and glanced at Mu Bingyun, covering up the greedy desires that sprung up within his heart.

“You want to marry Qianyu?” Mu Yuhuang smiled as she looked at Lei Mubai.

“Yes, I ask High Master for help…”

“Dream on!!!” Lei Mubai hadn’t yet finished, when he was violently interrupted by a thunderous roar from Mu Yuhuang.

Lei Mubai’s smile stiffened. In his opinion, the conditions he had placed out were already very good. Divine Phoenix Island was current in a very precarious position – one could even say that they were facing the threat of extinction. To take the marriage of a Saintess in exchange for the support of a fourth-grade sect seemed like a completely reasonable matter.

Moreover, it was marriage, and not like she was selling her body. With his status, looks, and strength, he was completely worthy of Mu Qianyu. Marrying her wouldn’t be dishonoring her in any way.

“Why does Master Ancestor Yuhuang say this?”

Mu Yuhuang sneered, her expression vicious as she said, “This old woman is disinclined to argue with such a disgusting lecherous womanizer like yourself. If you want to challenge all the juniors of my Divine Phoenix Island, then you may. But if you wish to marry Qianyu, then dream on!”

Lei Mubai’s pale complexion was very ugly. In this situation, he was actually berated as a ‘disgusting lecherous womanizer’, this was truly embarrassing. He only reluctantly managed to keep the smile on his face, suppressing the simmering anger in his heart. He turned to glance at Mu Fengxian. After all, this old bag was still the supreme authority of Divine Phoenix Island.

But as he glanced at her, he saw that Mu Fengxian’s eyes were half closed, a smile playing across her lips like she was dreamily asleep.

Lei Mubai’s pale face completely sunk, “High Master Yuhuang, please be careful of the manner in which you speak. If you do not wish to offend others, you shouldn’t make such indiscreet and irresponsible remarks in public. Otherwise, you might regret it if you affect the alliance between the Five Element Region and Divine Phoenix Island.”

“…You might regret it if you affect the alliance between the Five Element Region and Divine Phoenix Island? Are you threatening this old woman? Hehehe! Hahaha!” Mu Yuhuang suddenly pounded the table with her fist. With a crumbling sound, the banquet table that she slapped completely turned into powder! Even the jade bowls and dishes shattered into tiny pieces!

“Little ignorant boy, do you believe that this old woman won’t slap you to death with a single hand? You think that the alliance between the Five Element Region and my Divine Phoenix Island can really be so easily promised by a junior like yourself? What a joke! If Lei Jingtian really had this intention, he wouldn’t have created so many stupid obstacles in my way, trying to block me at every turn! Do you think that this old woman is gullible like a snotty three year old child? You had no intention of forming this alliance to begin with, so this old woman has no interest in asking you for anything. You really think that my Divine Phoenix island is destined to perish just because I won’t have help from your sect!?!?”

“If you wish to challenge the heroic elites of my Divine Phoenix Island, then go ahead and fight as much as you want, but don’t blather so much foolish nonsense in front of me! Xiaoqing, make your move!”

Mu Yuhuang’s rapid series of retorts that barraged Lei Mubai caused his face to turn ashen. Even Lei Jingtian was shocked, He hadn’t though Mu Yuhuang would have such a staunch and violent reaction.

Lei Jingtian coldly snorted and said, “Mu Yuhuang, I gave you three points of respect and yet you ignore all decorum and bully the weak!”

Mu Yuhuang sneered. “So what? I will bully you and what can you do about it!? For several days you’ve blustered with your stupid swagger in front of this old woman, repeatedly ridiculing in your snide tone and even destroying the alliance that this old woman proposed. To friends and guests, this old woman is polite, but to such a cheap little b*tch like you, this old woman only wants to spit in your face!!!”

After Mu Yuhuang spoke, there was complete silence, even the drop of a pin could be heard throughout the entire banquet square. Every Divine Phoenix Island disciple had been stunned silly. This was Lei Jingtian, the Sovereign of the Thundercrest Sect! With just a stamp of his feet, he could cause waves to rise within the Five Element Region. Yet during such a formal event, Mu Yuhuang had derided him and called him a cheap little b*tch!

“You… you……!” Lei Jingtian trembled with rage. “Well said, Mu Yuhuang! This old man…” Lei Jingtian had also wanted to spit out several ruthless words. But, after he noticed Mu Fengxian who was sitting near Mu Yuhuang, he stopped himself, the words dying in his throat, swallowing his saliva and panting like he was short of breath.

Lei Mubai’s face had fallen to the point that it was almost dripping water. “Since High Master Yuhuang has spoken, let it be so. Then, I still ask for advice from all the young heroic elites of Divine Phoenix Island. Since High Master seems so self-assured, I would like to ask: if I can defeat all of Divine Phoenix Island’s disciples by myself, what then?”


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