Chapter 377 - Demon Region’s Saint Son

Chapter 377 Demon Region’s Saint Son.


Chapter 377 – Demon Region’s Saint Son

The interim break was decided to be two hours. Onstage, a thick and tall incense was placed as a timer.

Lei Jingtian sat in his chair, his eyes closed in contemplation. Zhou Lie sat beside him, sullenly watching the pale youth, seeing him on the other side of the banquet table, a 100 year old pot of excellent wine in one hand and a jade cup in the other, freely drinking.

“Xiaoling, who do you think that Lei Mubai fellow is?” Zhou Lie had a deep sense of suspicion in his heart that had weighed on him for too long and he couldn’t help but ask his little sister.

“Huh? What person?” Zhou Xiaoling looked bewildered as she picked up a spirit fruit and bit into it. “Isn’t Senior-apprentice Brother Lei a Saint rank talent that Master found from the northern domains? Hehe, speaking of which, our Five Element Region hasn’t had a Saint rank talent for the last few hundred years. This time the six other sects will truly be scared silly. I can’t wait to see their stunned expressions, how funny would they be?”

Zhou Lie frowned, thinking something just didn’t seem right. Zhou Xiaoling continued to proudly say, “Big Brother, you don’t know, but when the banquet started, and that idiot Zhan Yunjian was talking about Lin Ming, he...

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