Chapter 377 - Demon Region’s Saint Son

Chapter 377 Demon Region’s Saint Son.


Chapter 377 – Demon Region’s Saint Son

The interim break was decided to be two hours. Onstage, a thick and tall incense was placed as a timer.

Lei Jingtian sat in his chair, his eyes closed in contemplation. Zhou Lie sat beside him, sullenly watching the pale youth, seeing him on the other side of the banquet table, a 100 year old pot of excellent wine in one hand and a jade cup in the other, freely drinking.

“Xiaoling, who do you think that Lei Mubai fellow is?” Zhou Lie had a deep sense of suspicion in his heart that had weighed on him for too long and he couldn’t help but ask his little sister.

“Huh? What person?” Zhou Xiaoling looked bewildered as she picked up a spirit fruit and bit into it. “Isn’t Senior-apprentice Brother Lei a Saint rank talent that Master found from the northern domains? Hehe, speaking of which, our Five Element Region hasn’t had a Saint rank talent for the last few hundred years. This time the six other sects will truly be scared silly. I can’t wait to see their stunned expressions, how funny would they be?”

Zhou Lie frowned, thinking something just didn’t seem right. Zhou Xiaoling continued to proudly say, “Big Brother, you don’t know, but when the banquet started, and that idiot Zhan Yunjian was talking about Lin Ming, he was also sighing about how great Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun were. Hehe, I wanted to smile at that time, but I pressed it down and didn’t mention Senior-apprentice Brother Lei. Otherwise if Zhan Yunjian knew that Senior-apprentice Brother Lei was even fiercer than Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun at their age, I wonder what kind of funny expression he would have!”

“How hilarious that that cocky braggart Zhan Yunjian thought he had a good understanding of our Thundercrest Sect’s talents. This time his jaw will definitely drop!” As Zhou Xiaoling spoke, she had an extremely smug expression on her face, her small face flushed as if that great honor was also her own. She stopped eating her spirit fruit, instead vacantly gazing out with a longing expression, “I really want to see Senior-apprentice Brother Lei go out onstage and defeat everyone. That Mu Dingshan, Mu Xiaoqing, and especially that damned loser Lin Ming! I hope that Lin Ming gets beaten up until he can’t walk anymore!”

As Zhou Xiaoling spoke, she became more and more animated as if she couldn’t stop spouting off. But as she spoke, Zhou Lie’s expression was becoming increasingly ugly. He had a very dark foreboding feeling in his heart, as if his doom was arriving. As he saw Zhou Xiaoling’s expression flush red with joy and excitement, that scary premonition was finally fulfilled. He used a true essence sound transmission and sharply asked, “Xiaoling, don’t tell me you like that boy!”

Xiaoling suddenly froze, then immediately blushed. She was just like a small kitten whose tail was stepped on. “Big Brother, stop making stuff up!”

Zhou Lie’s heart shook, this was bad! If his little sister liked that boy, then this would be an absolute tragedy! Even if there wasn’t a problem with Lei Mubai’s status, Zhou Lie knew that this pale and sinister-seeming fellow would never take his sister seriously. At most, she would be some playtoy. But now, he knew that Zhou Xiaoling would never listen to anything he said. Not only that, but the key was that all he had were baseless assumptions, and not even a shred of evidence to back up his suspicious.

‘This fellow!!!!!!!’


As half an hour passed, many of the people at the banquets had already left to rest, go to the restroom, chat, laugh, or have small competitions with each other. The entire mountain was bustling with activity.

Lei Mubai sat at the banquet table the entire time, slowly drinking.

“Mu Yuhuang noticed me.” Lei Mubai suddenly said using a true essence sound transmission.

Lei Jingtian’s eyes were still closed in meditation, as calm as before, “Mu Yuhuang is already at the late Revolve Core realm. Even if you try to conceal your energy, you cannot escape her sense, nor can you hide the thick true essence of your body.”

Lei Mubai sneered, “At most she only sees that my cultivation is deep, but she won’t be able to see through the ancient Devil Arts that I cultivate. I joined the Thundercrest Sect three years ago when I was 14, and have already been there for a long time. I’ve also practiced the core cultivation methods of the Thundercrest Sect. Truly, I’m not different to a real disciple. When she discovers that I am a Saint rank talent of the Thundercrest Sect, at most she’ll be suspicious, but she won’t be able to find any fault with me.”

The pale youth was very confident in himself. He practiced a cultivation method that his Master Ancestor had found 300 years ago within a scroll inside some ancient ruins of the South Sea. Even if Mu Yuhuang was a Peerless Emperor, she wouldn’t be able to see through his status using this point.

Once that ancient Devil Art was mentioned, Lei Jingtian suddenly moved. He opened his eyes, his voice low, “Your master will not go back on his words, right?”

The pale youth slyly smiled, “Of course not. This war between the South Sea Demon Region and Phoenix Island will be a perpetual war that draws in the entire South Horizon Region; it’s not something that will be settled in just a year or two. When the time comes, we will also be relying on the Thundercrest Sect Sovereign’s help, so how could my master go back on his promise? Since Master has promised to bestow a scroll of the first layer of the ancient Devil Art to the Thundercrest Sect Sovereign, it will be delivered to your hands a month from now.”

Lei Jingtian humphed and icily said, “You better not be playing any tricks. Otherwise, I’ll have you regret your words!”

“Haha, of course! Otherwise, if you galvanize the alliance between the Five Element Region and Divine Phoenix Island, my South Sea Demon Region would find this war increasingly difficult. Of course, since you have now ruined the alliance between Divine Phoenix Island and the Five Element Region, that is truly an act worthy of praise. I shall truthfully report this to my master so that Sovereign shall gain merits.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble the Saint Son. As long as this old man’s conditions are met then everything will be fine.”

“Rest assured, my South Sea Demon Region is only interested in cooperation with the Five Element Region and isn’t interested in conflict. The Five Element Region is several millions of miles away from the South Horizon Region. Even if my South Sea Demon Region becomes a Holy Land in the future, we won’t threaten the Five Element Region.”

Lei Jingtian showed no expression. Although this South Sea Demon Region’s Saint Son was like a cold and calculating serpent, his words about this matter still sounded truthful. Throughout the ages, he hadn’t heard of a Holy Land crossing two domains to conquer others. Initially, even Silent Demon Emperor City didn’t cause waves within the South Horizon Region.

Lei Jingtian closed his eyes and slowly said, “Once the South Sea Demon Region conquers Divine Phoenix Island, will they be able to become a Holy Land?”

“It will probably be much more difficult. In order to become a Holy Land, we will most likely need to swallow the Dire Space Sect and Supreme Mystery Temple.” Lei Mubai said, shaking his head. A normal fifth-grade sect was a far, far distance from becoming a Holy Land. They would probably need hundreds or even a thousand more years of accumulated power.

“In order to become a Holy Land, plundering more resources is useless. What is most important is developing a Peerless Emperor. I believe that Your Highness the Saint Son will have a promising chance of achieving this!” Lei Jingtian said as he looked at Lei Mubai, a rare compliment coming from him.

“Haha!” Lei Mubai smiled. Even though he knew he was only flattering him, it still caused his mood to become much better. “In the past, I might not have been so confident. But now I have the ancient Devil Tome in my hands, and with my seventh-grade thunder origin energy fusion compatibility, I truly have a chance of succeeding! However, I will also need a great destiny to fall upon me!”

Something like destiny was truly an elusive and enigmatic idea. Within the 100,000,000 miles of the Sky Spill Continent, there were trillions of people. Within so many people, there were also countless geniuses. However, those who were able to claim the title of Peerless Emperor were extremely rare. Besides the old monsters that hid in their own areas and sought a breakthrough, those that were truly known to the world were no more than 10 individuals.

Even these ten individuals were secretive in their movements and locations. Perhaps there were some that had already ascended to higher realms.

This near-zero chance had caused many geniuses to sigh in utter disappointment. Even if they were Saint rank talents, they would most likely stop in the late Revolving Core realm, or even the extreme Revolving Core realm.

Those geniuses that wished to become a Peerless Emperor had to experience a massive lucky opportunity, or even many of them. This was the so-called ‘destiny’ that one needed. In a sense, that Lei Mubai could be born into a fifth-grade sect, be accepted as a disciple of the sect master, and even later cultivate the ancient Devil Tome, could also be considered a kind of destiny.

Every Peerless Emperor would accumulate a vast destiny upon their bodies. As youths, they would be geniuses that encountered major fortuitous events, endless lucky chances, and their strength would leap past all others’. They would shake the world, showing disdain for all other heroes!

When these Peerless Emperors were young, they might meet many formidable opponents. For instance, those peers that were known as invincible powerhouses. Within their domain, they would be called the top junior of their sect. However, when such a person fell under their boot, defeated by another that was at their cultivation – or even someone that had jumped realms in order to defeat them – then that victory would gradually seep into their bones, becoming a faith that implanted itself into their heart, becoming a part of their strength and talent!

Against any odds, they would be unafraid!

This faith, in addition to the destiny that gathered to them, would be enough for a genius to soar into the heavens.

To break into the Revolving Core realm before 30, to reach extreme Revolving Core before 50, and to become a Peerless Emperor before 100 years of age!

However, once one passed this age, it would become too difficult to progress in their cultivation again.

For instance, someone like Mu Yuhuang. That old bag Mu Yuhuang would only be able to increase her own cultivation by a small realm even if she used 100 years of time. To her, this was already a great fortune.

For instance, someone like Lei Jingtian. He had already been stuck at the middle Revolving Core realm for a full 150 years, crazily trying to overcome the mire he was in. Otherwise, how would he have come up with such a dire plan to cooperate with the South Sea Demon Region? This was all so that he could cultivate the ancient Devil Tome.

Lei Jingtian suddenly remembered something. He calmly said, “That boy called Lin Ming might become your opponent in the future. I never imagined that Divine Phoenix Island would actually produce such a good weapon. Aren’t you afraid that he’ll steal your position? How do you plan on dealing with him?”

“Haha, I’ll think about this issue once Divine Phoenix Island is destroyed.” Lei Mubai lightly said. In normal circumstances, when two top sects declared war on each other, they would first destroy the core of their enemy’s strength. These would be the Xiantian and Revolving Core powerhouses. As for the disciples of these sects, they wouldn’t be deliberately aimed at.

A war between large sects would last at most one or two years. No matter how talented one was, it was impossible for a junior to become a Revolving Core master in that time. Thus, they would have no influence on the war.

On the contrary, after the war ended, the disciples of the sect that was destroyed would be under the threat of death. Under this pressure, there were many people that would be willing to betray their sect and join the victor. They would be willing to have a restricting seal placed on them and be used.

This was what a demonic sect would usually do after a war. Because they too would suffer a massive loss of monsters, they would require additional manpower to rebuild their sect.

Lei Mubai glanced at Lin Ming, derision thick in his voice as he said, “Once Divine Phoenix Island is destroyed, if he knows what’s good for them, he’ll be a good little boy and let my South Sea Demon Region place a restriction seal on him. Otherwise, I’ll suck out his blood essence and use it to cultivate my martial arts, and I’ll use his corpse as a zombie protector for myself. That should be making the best use of him.”

As Lei Mubai spoke, the long and thick incense on the stage began to slowly burn to its end…


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