Chapter 376 - Pale Youth

Chapter 376 Pale Youth.


Chapter 376 – Pale Youth

With a mere Bone Forging stage cultivation, Lin Ming had been able to absorb the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder that only a middle Xiantian master should have been able to. If there wasn’t any secret within Lin Ming’s body, Mu Yuhuang would never have been able to believe this. But, if Lin Ming’s bloodline was used as the explanation, she could reluctantly come to terms with it.

After all, the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder contained the brutal will of a Flood Dragon. If it was to encounter a more formidable and ancient bloodline, this Flood Dragon bloodline would be awed into submission. With Yu’er’s help, this could also explain how Lin Ming was able to absorb it.

Mu Qianyu nodded, saying, “This is also the first time disciple has seen the phantom behind Lin Ming. When Senior-apprentice Sister Qinghong returned from the Seven profound Valleys, she described to me what she had seen. It was probably a similar scene… disciple believes that this is an ancient noble bloodline similar to my Divine Phoenix Island’s that Lin Ming managed to obtain through some lucky chance.”

As for Lin Ming’s life and background, they had already been clearly researched by Divine Phoenix Island. The common people of Sky Fortune Kingdom had been mortals for generations,...

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