Chapter 375 - Spear Potential

Chapter 375 Spear Potential.


Chapter 375 – Spear Potential

A Five Element Region disciple was already hypothesizing, “If I’m not wrong, that’s a high-grade earth-step treasure. Not only that, but at the top of its level!”

“How could this weapon be given to a little Pulse Condensation boy to use? This is a weapon that an almighty Revolving Core elder should use. In fact, not every Revolving Core master would be able to have one!”

“The spearhead is made of Purple Comet, but what is the spear shaft made from? Why does it contain such strong thunder and fire origin energy?”

“The spear shaft is Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, and it looks no less than 10,000 years old! Profound Thunder Stone is also fused into the spearhead!” This was said by some Thundercrest Sect disciples. They were very familiar with all sorts of mystical thunder-attribute materials. Naturally, they understood what it was.

“Not only is there Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, but there is also Sacred Flame Parasol Tree within it; it too looks no less than 10,000 years old. It’s divided into threads and integrated into the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo!” The one who spoke was a Sunfire Sect disciple. In terms of their understanding of fire-attribute wood materials, their understanding even went beyond Divine Phoenix Island’s.

“The spearhead also has crystallized Vermilion Bird flame!”

There were many experts present that had a great knowledge of thunder and fire-attribute materials. Also, since Lin Ming knew that he would be exposing this spear in battle soon, he didn’t activate the array formation that Ancestor Chi Yan had left behind to conceal the spear. Thus, after just a short period of time, the audience was able to decipher every material that was used to forge the Purple Comet Spear!

Refined Purple Comet, Profound Thunder Stone, 10,000 year old Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, 10,000 year old Sacred Flame Parasol Tree, crystallized Vermillion Bird Flame Essence. Of these materials, any one of them would be top quality materials. It was rare enough that everyone stood dumbfounded, staring in shock.

With so many precious and rare materials gathered together, in addition to it being forged by a top refining master, the quality of this spear almost caught up to a heaven-step treasure!

With such a treasure in front of them, many Revolving Core masters couldn’t remain calm. In the Golden Bell Mountain banquet area, two elders looked at this spear, an amazing look of acclaim on their faces.

“In the path of refining, there are many roads. My Golden Bell Mountain understands metal refining to an exquisite degree, but we are lacking in those that can refine wood. The method in which this Purple Comet was refined is truly amazing!”

“Yes, the keen sharpness of this spear cannot match with the treasures that my Golden Bell Mountain refines, but in terms of increasing the power of elemental attribute true essence, my Golden Bell Mountain is far inferior.”

The two Golden Bell Mountain elders were extremely modest. Since ancient times, Golden Bell Mountain had always been a very low key sect that stayed out of most affairs. As a sect, they were usually refining various treasures in seclusion. In fact, their chief disciple had the least significant reputation out of all the other chief disciples in the Five Element Region.

As for the Divine Phoenix Island banquet area, most disciples were excitedly talking. They were naturally able to recognize the crystallized Vermillion Bird flame and Sacred Flame Parasol Tree. These were all treasures of Divine Phoenix Island.

Yan Fuhong’s face had sunk until water was coming out. The crystallized Vermillion Bird flame and Sacred Flame Parasol Tree were extremely valuable and precious resources even within Divine Phoenix Island. Yet, this was all given to a stranger. How could he not be jealous?

“Damn it all! I had applied for some crystallized Vermillion Bird flame so that I could use it to cultivate the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, and I wasn’t able to obtain any. Yet now, this was all given to some boy so that he could use it to forge a spear!”

Yu Fuhong grit his teeth. Because he saw that Lin Ming was too strong, he had already lost all desire to oppose him. But now that he saw the difference in their treatment was so great, the simmering embers of his jealousy blew up, he couldn’t even suppress it anymore.

“Good spear! It seems that we can have a hearty fight!” Xiao Chi laughed. He had offered to lend Lin Ming a low-grade earth-step spear, but now he saw that the spear Lin Ming had was no worse than a spear that a Golden Bell Mountain elder would use. It seemed that his worries were unfounded.

“Take my spear, Supreme Energy Becomes One!”

Xiao Chi’s kind eyes suddenly became fierce and wild. He suddenly grabbed his spear and thrust forwards. The long spear was like a golden beam of lightning, roaring as it stabbed towards Lin Ming. The surrounding air began to rumble, sending out howling sounds.

This spear seemed solid and unhurried, but in a split-second it had already rushed to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed. This was pure spear play. In a normal situation, if someone sent out such an attack, he would have used the Golden Roc Shattering the Void movement technique to dodge. But now, he didn’t want to hide from this move.

Flood Dragon Goes to Sea!

Lin Ming thrust out his spear. This spear contained no power of thunder or fire, and it didn’t have any vibrating strength; this was only the most common of spear moves.

He wanted to use this opportunity to sharpen his spear skills. Compared to Xiao Chi’s spear skills, Lin Ming’s spear skills were beyond clumsy! He had taken the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’ as the foundation of his spear skills, but this so-called Flood Dragon Goes to Sea was what most mortal armies used for training. It was also the most common foundation spear move that a soldier would learn.


As the two spears crossed, in that instant Lin Ming was able to hear the sound of metal screeching in his ears. Xiao Chi’s spear contained a very strange energy. As soon as his Purple Comet Spear was touch, it was like an earthquake had struck it apart. Xiao Chi’s spear curved along the Purple Comet Spear. It seemed to have intelligence as it climbed the spear shaft of the Purple Comet Spear, like a snake crawling a tree, thrusting towards Lin Ming’s throat.

“This spear skill!”

Lin Ming was surprised. His toes pushed the ground; Golden Rock Shattering the Void!

Lin Ming’s figure drew back, and he was just able to avoid the danger of this spear. The spear wind had blown against his bodily true essence, and Lin Ming could clearly hear the piercing ‘chi chi’ sound of his true essence being scratched apart.

‘Good spear skill!’

Lin Ming was shocked. If this had only been a contest of spear skills, he would have already lost!

With Golden Bell Mountain’s thousands of years of heritage and accumulated spear skills, the popular and common ‘Foundation Spear Technique’ simply could not compare at all.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao lives up to his fame! Well done!”

The Five Element Region disciples had been too ruthlessly suppressed by Lin Ming. As a single man, he had blocked their path. Out of the dozens of them, none of them had dared to challenge him. The shame and aggrievement that came from such an awkward situation could be imagined.

Thus, as Xiao Chi gained the upper hand in this first move, these disciples began to crazily cheer.

Xiao Chi frowned. He ignored these people, and looked at Lin Ming with a puzzled expression, “What spear skills does Junior-apprentice Brother Lin use?”

“Foundation Spear Technique.” Lin Ming casually said.

“What?” Xiao Chi was stunned.

It wasn’t only Xiao Chi, but the disciples of Divine Phoenix Island were shocked too. Even the Five Element disciples that were waiting for Lin Ming to be defeated were the same.

Foundation Spear Technique?

In the Five Element Region, there were also similar things such as the Foundation Spear Technique, Foundation Saber Law, and other such manuals. But, cultivation methods at this level didn’t even have a formal name. They weren’t even able to pass the threshold for basic entry.

What Lin Ming cultivated was actually the Foundation Spear Technique?

“Is this boy messing around?” The first reaction of most people was to not believe this. But, as they thought more about it, they realized that Lin Ming’s spear skills truly weren’t worth much. Basically they were simple stabs, chops, cuts, waves, and other such basic moves.

The reason that he was able to defeat his opponents wasn’t because of his spear moves but because of his thick true essence, the power of his thunder and fire, as well as his terrifying attack power.

“Maybe this boy studies a top grade Foundation Spear Technique!” After some people thought about it, they came to this conclusion.

“A month staff, a year fist, and even longer for the spear. This spear is extremely difficult to practice. It turns out this boy is only a simpleton, he’s just acting with this spear.”

Some people were immediately happy. They would never give up any chance to belittle Lin Ming. This was their psychological issue. Although they knew that Lin Ming was a ridiculously powerful individual, they still wouldn’t admit this. They would only look for more chances to discredit and dismiss him.

“He doesn’t know any spear moves, but still uses a spear. That is a top high-grade earth-step treasure spear you know! What a waste of a treasure!”

Xiao Chi remained silent. In fact, in his heart, he also felt that this high-grade earth-step Purple Comet Spear was a bit wasted on Lin Ming. This sort of spear was a weapon that would need a Revolving Core master to display its true strength.

He said, “Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, you seem to have this idea to fight me with spear play. But if you can only use the Foundation Spear Technique, it’s impossible for you to defeat me.”

Lin Ming said, “In my match with Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao, if I rely on my thunder and fire true essence to win, this fight no longer has any meaning to me.”

Xiao Chi’s eyebrows curved up, he was provoked by Lin Ming’s competitive spirit. “You want to depend on just your spear skills to compete with me?”

“Unless I’m forced otherwise.” Lin Ming still gave himself a way out. This so-called spear play included spear skills as well as using one’s true essence to display these abilities.

If he didn’t use martial skills, Flow like Silk, thunder and fire true essence, his Thunder Soul and Flame Essence, cutting away all of these abilities, then Lin Ming would hardly have anything left. He would only have the simplest of spear skills, and his combat strength would be greatly reduced. Much less that he wasn’t in the best condition, nor did he know where Xiao Chi’s bottom line was, so he didn’t act tough.

Lin Ming’s words immediately caused a stir in the audience.

“Lin Ming wants to use the Foundation Spear Technique to fight against the accumulated thousands of years of spear play knowledge of Golden Bell Mountain? Lin Ming is mad!”

“It’s just an act. Didn’t you hear him say that he would use it ‘unless forced’? I wonder just how many moves he’ll be able to last until he’s ‘forced’, and then will have to use Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky or something else.” A Five Element Region disciple curled his lips in disdain, obviously not believing Lin Ming’s boastful claims.

Even the Divine Phoenix Island disciples that had always had faith in Lin Ming weren’t sure. Lin Ming was strong, but in terms of spear play, how could he compare with Golden Bell Mountain?

“This Lin Ming, what kind of devilish plan does he have up his sleeve?” A Golden Bell Mountain elder furrowed his eyebrows. He didn’t think that Lin Ming’s spear play would be able to compare with Xiao Chi’s. If Lin Ming had hastily uttered these words without having some chance of winning, and then was forced to use the power of thunder and fire within a move or two, that would truly be laughable.

“If I’m not wrong, then Lin Ming wants to exchange blows with Chi’er to spur his limits and make up for his shortcomings in spear play. The reason that he participated in this banquet competition wasn’t to win, but to hone his strength.” Another Golden Bell Mountain elder slowly said.

A fight was always the best way to hone one’s strength. There were many talents keen on learning from their challenges. In his view, Lin Ming was such a person.

“Interesting. The idea is good, but if he’s only going to use pure spear play, I wonder just how long he’ll be able to last.” The Golden Bell Mountain elder began to sound very interested in what was about to happen.


“Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, spear skills are difficult to learn and even harder to master. Divine Phoenix Island has no heritage of spear skills. If you blindly practice spear skills on a whim, you will only end up harming yourself.” In Xiao Chi’s opinion, the reason that Lin Ming hadn’t practiced spear skills was because Divine Phoenix Island mostly used swords. Perhaps even when Lin Ming was choosing a weapon, he had gone stupid for a moment and thought that since a spear dance was quite beautiful, he would choose a spear.

“Since you insist, take my spear!” The golden spear in Xiao Chi’s hand stabbed out. His momentum suddenly rocketed to the sky. With a slide of his hand, the spear shaft slid out too. His hand slapped the spear shaft, and the entire spear moved like it was intelligent, waving around like a venomous serpent.

This spear in Xiao Chi’s seemed to have its own consciousness. It could actively attack the enemy’s weaknesses, it was very difficult to dodge.

“How will he defend against his?”

Whether it was a disciple of Divine Phoenix Island or the Five Element Region, they all rubbed their eyes, waiting for Lin Ming to make a move with his spear. If he didn’t use thunder and fire true essence, and only used the Foundation Spear Technique moves, defending against this spear would be beyond difficult!

Spear wind howled, spear light dazzled.

Facing this flurry of golden snakes from the spear, Lin Ming’s pupils contracted. The true essence within his body erupted to the limit, and his bones began to emit a popping sound. Behind Lin Ming, an azure True Dragon’s phantom appeared, clawing out. It was condensed to the point of seeming solid and lifelike. If one looked carefully, they could even see the flashing azure dragon scales!

A clarion dragon roar burst forth from Lin Ming’s body. The resonant dragon roar was loud and clear, slamming into the heavens, washing away all the cloud in the sky.

Long spear manifesting dragon!

Lin Ming’s spear skills naturally had no area worthy of notice. It could even be said to be very clumsy and rough. But ever since he had absorbed the blood of the True Dragon, as soon as Lin Ming struck out, the bloodline of the True Dragon within him would animate, bringing forth the potential or rivers and mountains, containing the majestic prestige of a dragon that echoed between the heavens and earth!

This was strength that originated from his bloodline!

Seeing Lin Ming make this spear move, Xiao Chi was stunned. But the spears were too fast, and he couldn’t respond; the two spears collided.


It was like an Azure Dragon and golden snake had smashed into each other. A shockwave of azure true essence surged out, turning into hundreds of faint Azure Dragon phantoms, scattering in all directions!

The strange power that was contained with Xiao Chi’s golden spear was actually lost within the vast sea of spear potential.

Xiao Chi rapidly drew back, retreating dozens of feet. As for Lin Ming, he drawn back dozens of steps. In this one move, they had actually achieved parity!

Xiao Chi looked at Lin Ming with incredulous disbelief in his heart, an inexplicable feeling of horror blossoming within him.

It wasn’t only Xiao Chi that was stunned, but everyone present was speechless. Lin Ming’s ‘potential’ had actually reached such a level.

The so-called ‘spear potential’ or ‘sword intent’ referred to the inherent soul that was contained within a spear or sword.  A martial artist that fought with spears or swords would normally only use the shape of the weapon itself to attack. But a true master could integrate the soul of the weapon into their moves.

As the saying went, saber like tiger, spear like dragon. A good spear was similar to a True Dragon. Its soul was also the soul of a dragon.

At Lin Ming’s young age, he had already achieved spear like dragon. The inherent dragon prestige within the spear was already thick to the point that it was able to manifest a True Dragon phantom behind him. This was a talent that defied the heavens!

If the advantage in Xiao Chi’s spear skills hadn’t been so great, that spear might have injured him a moment ago, and result wouldn’t have been evenly matched.

Mu Yuhuang breathed a light breath. She recalled the power and majesty of the spear move a moment ago. Behind Lin Ming, the phantom of a True Dragon had appeared. The roar of a dragon had even pierced through the heavens.

Long spear manifesting dragon…?

No, it shouldn’t be…

Whether it was the dragon roar or the Azure Dragon phantom, they hadn’t been caused by Lin Ming’s spear potential.

No, just the opposite. The dragon roar and Azure Dragon phantom were the reason for Lin Ming’s spear potential. This was why his spear power was like tsunamis and landslides, a dragon soaring through the nine heavens.

The reason that Mu Yuhuang was so sure was that during that moment when the dragon roar had pierced through the skies, she could clearly feel the Vermillion Bird bloodline within her body shivering, a faint feeling of fear that suppressed her bloodline into submission!

“Yu’er, you said before that Lin Ming might have some strange Flood Dragon bloodline within him?” Mu Yuhuang slowly asked with a true essence sound transmission.

If she wasn’t wrong, then this was Lin Ming’s lucky opportunity. By relying on ‘it’, he was also able to absorb the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder…


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