Chapter 375 - Spear Potential

Chapter 375 Spear Potential.


Chapter 375 – Spear Potential

A Five Element Region disciple was already hypothesizing, “If I’m not wrong, that’s a high-grade earth-step treasure. Not only that, but at the top of its level!”

“How could this weapon be given to a little Pulse Condensation boy to use? This is a weapon that an almighty Revolving Core elder should use. In fact, not every Revolving Core master would be able to have one!”

“The spearhead is made of Purple Comet, but what is the spear shaft made from? Why does it contain such strong thunder and fire origin energy?”

“The spear shaft is Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, and it looks no less than 10,000 years old! Profound Thunder Stone is also fused into the spearhead!” This was said by some Thundercrest Sect disciples. They were very familiar with all sorts of mystical thunder-attribute materials. Naturally, they understood what it was.

“Not only is there Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, but there is also Sacred Flame Parasol Tree within it; it too looks no less than 10,000 years old. It’s divided into threads and integrated into the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo!” The one who spoke was a Sunfire Sect disciple. In terms of their understanding of fire-attribute wood materials, their understanding even went beyond Divine Phoenix Island’s.

“The spearhead also has crystallized Vermilion Bird flame!”

There were many experts present that had a great knowledge of thunder and fire-attribute materials. Also, since Lin Ming knew that he would be exposing this spear in battle soon, he didn’t activate the array formation that Ancestor Chi Yan had left behind to conceal the spear. Thus, after just a short period of time, the audience was able to decipher every material that was used to forge the Purple Comet Spear!

Refined Purple Comet,...

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