Chapter 374 - Metal Essence

Chapter 374 Metal Essence.


Chapter 374 – Metal Essence

The pale youth traced his chin. He watched Mu Qianyu from afar, darkly saying, “I just remembered a legend about Divine Phoenix Island’s Saintess. It’s quite interesting…”

“Legend of the Saintess? What legend?” Lei Jingtian seemed to remember something, but he wasn’t sure of himself.

Zhou Lie’s ears pricked up to listen. But what happened next left him speechless. His junior-apprentice brother bluntly said, “I saw some ancient texts that were found within the South Sea about Divine Phoenix Island. The legend was…”

As he spoke to here, the conversation immediately switched to true essence sound transmission.

This caused Zhou Lie to be extremely morose. He had been suffering because of this fellow recently, it was like he was acting against him.

This pale fellow was truly abhorrent.

He didn’t know what was going on. It seemed as if this punk knew many matters about many things. Zhou Lie simply didn’t know where he had read and heard about so many events.

As Zhou Lie was daydreaming, the pale youth finished speaking. Lei Jingtian rubbed his chin, deep in thought.

Then, the pale youth said to Zhou Lie, “Go challenge Lin Ming afterwards. If Mu Dingshan or Mu Xiaoqing come up, I’ll deal with them. It’s enough for you to fight Lin Ming.”

This command made Zhou Lie very uncomfortable.

He really...

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