Chapter 373 - Legend of the Saintess

Chapter 373 Legend of the Saintess.


Chapter 373 – Legend of the Saintess

A flying technique was a very peculiar utilization of a Concept’s comprehension; not every disciple of Storm Valley was able to learn it. It had extremely high requirements of skill and perception, and usually within an entire generation, there would only be one or two people that were able to comprehend it. Zhan Huo’s flying technique was already considered very good. It was just that his speed wasn’t too fast, and it was impossible for him to hurry. In terms of combat potential, it was best used in the manner that Zhan Huo had just displayed, using crafty guerilla tactics.

But Lin Ming’s flying technique was clearly usable in actual combat. In the air he was swift and agile, and he had completed three consecutive changes in direction. In just a breath of time, he had managed to completely dodge the terrifying explosion, soaring away in an arc. This left a deep image in everyone’s mind.

Such flexible speed was not much inferior than a martial artist on the ground!

How had he managed to comprehend such a powerful Concept?

Within the knowledge of Sky Spill Continent, something like a Concept could only be realized by oneself – one had to comprehend it based on their own individual perception. If Lin Ming was a wind-attribute martial artist and was exposed to wind origin energy every day, and...

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