Chapter 370 - Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky

Chapter 370 Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky.


Chapter 370 – Phoenix Wings Ascending Sky

Three blue tornadoes twisted on the stage. Because of their rapid rotation, they issued a keening sound like a saber that was carving ice. Even the floor tiles that were supported by an array formation were grinded to pieces. If one was caught in this wind, their miserable fate could be imagined.

These three tornadoes were likely sword formations created by wind.

The power of the Concept of Wind lay in its ability to fuse sword and wind. The wind would never disperse. If wind was cut, it would still be wind. And in that wind was contained a sword energy that also wouldn’t fade away.

“The sword energy formed a tornado formation. What a terrifying Concept of Wind. Chu Yunfei is truly a talent blessed by the heavens; he might have already touched upon the origin of all wind!”

“Truly a rare spectacle. The four heroic Storm talents truly live up to their outstanding reputation.”

“The sword energy that formed the tornadoes cannot be cut. I wonder how Lin Ming will block this attack.”

Everyone under the stage watched with shining eyes, waiting to see if Lin Ming would be able to resolve this attack, or if he would lose.

When masters exchanged moves using their full strength, it was normal for the winner to be decided in just a few moves.

Lin Ming saw the tornadoes formed from sword energy and let out a light breath. This...

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