Chapter 369 - Battle Marathon

Chapter 369 Battle Marathon.


Chapter 369 – Battle Marathon

Chen Kun flew back several dozen feet before finally managing to use his staff to ground himself. He kneeled on the floor, panting and taking in great gulps of air. The punch that had struck his chest was too strange; the energy in that attack had spread through his organs, causing his blood to roil.

He stood up, an expression of shock coloring his face. In a battle of masters where both parties were using their full strength, they naturally had to also utilize their utmost concentration. If there was even the slightest mistake, it was possible that they would be defeated. But Lin Ming was actually able to hold a spear in one hand and use his other to attack.

What sort of strange strength was this?

After a martial artist reached the Pulse Condensation period, their bodily strength wouldn’t increase by much. They could only depend on using the true essence to indirectly enhance their strength. But because the Deep Earth Sect martial artists had earth-attribute origin energy, they had a large advantage in the aspect of strength.

But in that moment, Chen Kun had been completely suppressed by Lin Ming’s brute force.

Chen Kun could not accept this.

“I admit defeat.”

Chen Kun clenched his teeth, then turned around and walked...

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