Chapter 368 - Disdaining All Heroes

Chapter 368 Disdaining All Heroes.


Chapter 368 – Disdaining All Heroes

After Lin Ming brutally beat up Shi Hanshan and defeated Shi Zhongkun in a war of words, the morale of the Divine Phoenix Island disciples sharply rose, the morose atmosphere that surrounded them instantly swept away.

After suffering the indignity of the six sects’ actions and then also being suppressed by their joint effort, a simmering rage had been brewing within their chests.

This wasn’t only Lin Ming’s victory, but a victory that emboldened everyone. With just a few words, he had been able to give voice to the thoughts of the Divine Phoenix Island disciples, and vent out their frustrations for them.

At this moment, Lin Ming’s previous status as an outsider had been fully accepted by everyone else; no one envied him anymore. Instead, their admiration and fondness for him continued to grow. Several young girls gazed at Lin Ming, ooh-ing and aah-ing at him, talking about him, their young and pretty faces flushed red with excitement.

But the complexions of the Five Element Region disciples were actually not good at all. Their hearts were full of jealousy that showed on their faces.

“This Lin Ming is far too arrogant!”

“Humph. His arrogance won’t last for long. Since he has a Houtian realm strength, he’ll be drawn into the battle of Houtian...

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