Chapter 367 - Saint Rank Talent

Chapter 367 Saint Rank Talent.


Chapter 367 – Saint Rank Talent

“What did you just say? He’s coughing blood?”

The youth surnamed Jin couldn’t believe this as he looked towards the center of the stage. He just happened to see the moment that Lin Ming withdrew his spear, and the brilliant purple light dimmed. The Earth Essence Shield also lightened, and there was a short moment where he could see Shi Hanshan’s bleak and miserable appearance as he struggled to maintain the Earth Essence Shield.

His hair was disheveled, his face wan, his nose bleeding, and he was coughing blood. Even his clothes were stained crimson.

The youth surnamed Jin was stunned, his mouth hanging open. As he witnessed Shi Hanshan’s incredibly tragic situation, he was aghast.

Shi Hanshan could be described as pathetic beyond belief. He was long on the edge of collapsing, but if he didn’t stubbornly harm himself to maintain the shield, once the Earth Essence Shield broke, his situation would be even worse!

As Shi Hanshan saw Lin Ming gather his strength to stab out with his spear again, he felt his heart shiver. What he encountered on this stage wasn’t a man, but a vicious beast in human form. Not only that, but this vicious beast was above the fifth-level!

Because he was concerned about face, he grit his teeth and refused...

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