Chapter 365 - I’ll Take All Comers

Chapter 365 I’ll Take All Comers.


Chapter 365 – I’ll Take All Comers

Shi Hanshan wanted to have a match against Lin Ming. However, because their difference in cultivation was too great, he had no way to challenge him.

He didn’t think that Lin Ming would actually offer himself up.

Shi Hanshan didn’t look down on Lin Ming. Rather, it was because of Lin Ming’s overabundance of talent that he had aimed for him. He believed that with Lin Ming’s talent, he would become a lofty character in the future, a powerhouse on the level of Zhan Yunjian. But now, his current ability was far too weak.

Shi Hanshan realized that he wouldn’t be a match for Lin Ming in a few years. So while Lin Ming was still small and weak, he would take this opportunity to savagely crush him underneath his boot. To crush a monstrous genius beneath one’s boot was a very rewarding experience.

Thinking this, the smile on Shi Hanshan’s face became increasingly wide. He was originally a sorry and foul looking figure, but now with such a bright smiling face, it really caused one’s skin to crawl.

“Lin Ming, don’t be so impulsive. Are you sure? If you aren’t then let me go on first. You’ve already taken the title of number one amongst the Pulse Condensation period. Even if you don’t fight anymore, no one will say anything about you. If you lose,...

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