Chapter 363 - Special Body

Chapter 363 Special Body.


Chapter 363 – Special Body

Zhou Xiaoling smashed into the array formation barrier, then bounced to the ground, her entire appearance ruined and her face bloodied.

The audience was stunned, their mouths hanging wide. They didn’t know what to say; how could such a fight happen? Grabbing an opponent’s arm, confining their motions, and then viciously punching them?

“Did I see something wrong? Can you tell me what happened? I saw Lin Ming struck by Zhou Xiaoling’s lightning, so how come nothing happened?” A disciple asked what everyone else was thinking.

Nobody could answer him, because this was already beyond their comprehension.

“He only used ten breaths of time to defeat Zhou Xiaoling, the difference between them is too great!”

“Not surprising. I don’t know why, but Zhou Xiaoling’s power of thunder is useless against Lin Ming. Zhou Xiaoling is a thunder-attribute martial artist, and using the power of thunder is her only means of attack. Once her power of thunder is sealed, there isn’t anything she can do.”

The martial artists of the Thundercrest Sect had very ugly expressions. Immune to thunder? Then how could they defeat such a person? Wouldn’t they also be suppressed and lose? They could already tell how their battles with Lin Ming would go by looking at how Zhou Xiaoling...

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