Chapter 362 - Close Contact Combat

Chapter 362 Close Contact Combat.


Chapter 362 – Close Contact Combat

As soon as Divine Phoenix Island’s Lin Ming and Thundercrest Sect’s Zhou Xiaoling walked onstage, it caused an immediate sensation.

Lin Ming and Zhou Xiaoling were both top second rank talents among the juniors. Several years from now, they would be top level characters equal to the Sunfire Princess and Zhan Yunjian. Naturally this attracted the attention of everyone present.

“Lin Ming is 16 and a half years old, and Zhou Xiaoling is 17 years and one month old. There’s a seven month difference between them…” There were many nosy individuals that had collected as much information as they could, and were able to pinpoint their ages accurately to the month.

“I think that Lin Ming has a higher chance of winning. For better or worse, that Storm Valley Ma Junhui is still a core disciple ranked in the upper middle reaches. He was sent flying out by Lin Ming in one move; I don’t think that’s something that Zhou Xiaoling can accomplish.

“Don’t be silly, that Ma Junhui was just an idiot, he was far too arrogant. He didn’t even treat Lin Ming as a true threat and didn’t use the ‘Wind Conversion Art’. He deserves to be struck down like a fly. If he was...

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