Chapter 361 - Surrounded by Six Sects

Chapter 361 Surrounded by Six Sects.


Chapter 361 – Surrounded by Six Sects

“Lin Ming, I’ll kill you!” Ma Junhui was burning with anger from the shame he had received. He gripped the longsword in his hand, a purple layer of light covering the blade. His entire body emitted a blue glow; he was about unleash his full force.

Lin Ming was calm as before. He held the Heavy Profound Soft Spear straight in his hands, waiting for Ma Junhui to come.

“Enough!” At this time, Storm Valley’s Valley Master gave a cold cough. “A loss is a loss, fall back!”

Ma Junhui’s gathering of true essence was disrupted by Storm Valley’s Valley Master’s cold cough, his face flushing red. He argued, unwilling to accept this outcome, “Honorable Sect Master, I merely underestimated the enemy. I still haven’t even used the ‘Wind Conversion Art’, and I still have the Concept of Wind. I…”

“Shut up!” Storm Valley’s Valley Master was finally angry. “An 18 year old challenging a 16 year old and being sent flying back with a single strike is already disgraceful enough, and yet you still have the face to give an excuse! Hurry up and get out of the way, you are shaming me on that stage!”

Ma Junhui gulped, then glared at Lin Ming with bitter hatred in his eyes as he stepped down in humiliation.


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