Chapter 360 - Don’t Worry

Chapter 360 Don’t Worry.


Chapter 360 – Don’t Worry

Although the banquet stage was brimming with tension, that didn’t mean everyone would lose their sense of decorum or reasoning. Those offensive words that Ma Junhui had said a moment ago were brainless; they were words that a mentally normal person would never say.

Lin Ming didn’t have any past enmity with Ma Junhui, nor any injustice. In fact, Lin Ming had never met Ma Junhui. Ma Junhui was just like a rabid dog that was randomly biting others; If he wasn’t instigated by others, this was still his personality.

Ma Junhui laughed as he sneered, saying, “You’re right, I really am trying to provoke you. Those superficial skill matches that have happened so far are just too boring. However, I wasn’t lying when I said that you whored yourself out to become a Divine Phoenix Island core disciple; there really is a rumor that is spreading around like that. As they say, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Today, how about I be your touchstone to see just how true this rumor is, hmm?”

“Touchstone? You really think highly of yourself.” Lin Ming jeered, “I’m afraid your touchstone will break with just a little touch!”

As Lin Ming spoke he took out the Heaven Profound Soft Spear from his spatial ring. Ever since he had acquired...

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