Chapter 359 - Fury

Chapter 359 Fury.


Chapter 359 – Fury

Zhang Zhen gulped as he sat back down in his seat, distressed. He didn’t dare look at how frosty old lady Yuhuang’s countenance may have become.

At this moment, Zhou Xiaoling smiled. She wasn’t smiling at Zhang Zhen, but at Lin Ming. The challenge in this smile was very obvious.

“I was too careless, far too careless, I actually looked down on such a little girl.” Zhang Zhen was ashamed. He was originally a very arrogant individual. Losing was one thing, but the one he lost to was not only a year younger than him, but also a woman.

“My fire controlling technique isn’t good enough. If we compared martial arts, I might not lose to her.” As Zhang Zhen thought back, he created another flimsy excuse in order to save whatever face he had left.

Lin Ming smiled, not bursting his bubble. After all, the reason Zhang Zhen was in such dire straits was because of him. This Thundercrest Sect girl was obviously aiming at him. Without a doubt, she was someone who was at the rank of a direct disciple. Although she was young, in another two to three years, Zhou Xiaoling would most likely become someone who was equal to the Sunfire Princess or the Thunderclap. Zhang Zhen naturally wasn’t her match.

Until now, there had been a total of seven matches. Divine Phoenix Island had lost four and won...

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