Chapter 358 - Skill Competition

Chapter 358 Skill Competition.


Chapter 358 – Skill Competition

Under old lady Yuhuang’s influence, the entire atmosphere of the banquet seemed on edge, as if daggers had already been drawn. Lin Ming could even feel a raging fire that was contained with old lady Yuhuang’s eyes. How was this a banquet? It was more like a battlefield on the brink of explosion.

Now, old lady Yuhuang really was full of fire. These old zombies were just too greedy for their own good. In order to request them to send out a few masters, they were like lions that had opened their mouths, completely insatiable. If Divine Phoenix Island had gone along with their conditions, then even if they won the war against the South Sea Demon Region, Divine Phoenix Island would probably drop from a top fourth-grade sect to an ordinary fourth-grade sect. If they wished to reach the threshold of a fifth-grade sect, it would probably take another thousand years of accumulating resources. How could she possibly endure this?

The negotiations had continued for three days, and these old bags had only made some slight unimportant concessions. When it came to those core benefits, they wouldn’t let go no matter what. It was as if they already assumed that Divine Phoenix Island wouldn’t be able to defeat...

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