Chapter 357 - To See Blood

Chapter 357 To See Blood.

Chapter 357 – To See Blood

Among the countless dangerous and magnificent peaks, there was one peak covered with thick green bamboo that was dozens of feet high.

Within this green bamboo forest, there was a lake with clear rippling water. On this lake was a green hall that seemed to be carved from jade. This was the land of the Blue Luan Faction – Blue Luan Palace. Tianguang Revered Master was a Vice Island Master of Divine Phoenix Island, and was also a Great Elder of the Blue Luan Faction. His 400th year birthday banquet would be held here.

As Lin Ming arrived at Blue Luan Palace with Zhang Zhen, less than a third of the seats were filled. Most of them were juniors, and not even the direct disciples of the sects had arrived yet.

“Little Junior-apprentice Sister, that is Lin Ming.”

At a corner of Blue Luan Palace’s square, Zhan Yunjian was pointing at Lin Ming as he spoke to a purple-clothed girl. He wasn’t afraid that Lin Ming would find him looking at him, because it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

“16 year old late Pulse Condensation period? Not bad.” The purple-clothed girl stroked her smooth and pointed chin as she gazed at her opponent for this banquet, her words sounding a bit old.

Zhan Yunjian wanted to laugh. He thought to himself, wasn’t...

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