Chapter 356 - The Birthday Banquet Begins

Chapter 356 The Birthday Banquet Begins.


Chapter 356 – The Birthday Banquet Begins

Divine Phoenix Island was extremely powerful. They did not lack in those that pretended to be humble, nor did they lack in talents. However, nobody knew just how many of these talents were truly loyal to Divine Phoenix Island.

The beautiful woman didn’t fully approve of Lin Ming just because of his words. But, she could affirm in her heart that Lin Ming wasn’t someone who faked appearances.

A truly ungrateful person that forgot grace and held no virtues, well, their promises were useless. As for those righteous individuals that didn’t betray their mortality, there was no need to have them make any promise. Thus, the beautiful woman gave Lin Ming the greatest degree of freedom equal to a secret disciple.

“First you will apprentice under Yu’er. She will also be the one to hand down and teach you the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle. This old woman is called Yuhuang. Later, you will also call this old woman Master Ancestor Yuhuang! If you can blossom in radiance within the year or maybe if you reach the Houtian realm before 17 years of age, then I will personally teach you.”

The beautiful woman spoke her words and then left. Mu Qianyu bowed to see her off, and Lin Ming also deeply bowed like a good disciple.

In a flash, only Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu were...

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