Chapter 355 - Entering the Sect

Chapter 355 Entering the Sect.


Chapter 355 – Entering the Sect

The youth who spoke was named Zhan Yunjian, and he was a disciple from Storm Valley. He was 19 years old, and his cultivation had just reached the top of the early Houtian realm, just a step away from reaching the middle Houtian realm.

This youth and Yan Fuhong were old acquaintances. After they had ‘accidently met’, Yan Fuhong had struck up a conversation, and during it, he had mentioned Mu Qianyu’s high evaluation of Lin Ming. He wanted to stir up Zhan Yunjian’s arrogance, and have him ruin Lin Ming’s prestige at the birthday banquet.

To teach Lin Ming a lesson was a matter that was only suited to outer court disciples. The so-called competitions that happened at the banquet would be an extremely casual affair. Whoever wanted to compete with whoever would only have to call a name or jump up onstage to declare a duel. Sometimes they might not even compare just martial arts fighting skills. They might compare fire skills, secret techniques, martial skills, Concept comprehensions, and so forth.

In short, there were many ways to show off one’s skills. And these competitions usually had an unspoken rule that disciples of the same sect couldn’t challenge each other. Since Yan Fuhong and Lin Ming were from the same sect, it was naturally an inappropriate affair.

As Zhan Yunjian heard Yan Fuhong speak of Lin Ming, someone...

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