Chapter 354 - Parasol Tree Pavilion

Chapter 354 – Parasol Tree Pavilion

“Oh? He’ll be living at our Parasol Tree Pavilion?” The red-robed man’s eyebrows rose in a challenge, and then his face sank. This man was a core disciple of Divine Phoenix Island’s Vermillion Bird Faction, named Yan Fuhong, otherwise called Sir Fuhong.

In Divine Phoenix Island, the disciples were ranked in the same manner as in the Seven Profound Valleys. The direct disciples were at the top, and there were around 10 of them. As for core disciples, they were only inferior to these direct disciples. Lin Ming was evaluated as a heaven-step talent, and he would be receiving treatment equal to a core disciple.

Yan Fuhong said, “The Parasol Tree Pavilion is where the core disciples of the Vermillion Bird Faction live. Do the masters really intend on taking this fellow in as a core disciple?”

“I think that’s the meaning.” The young girl shrugged, not to happy that Lin Ming would be sticking his spoon in the pot of soup. “But since Martial Master Mu has given him such a high evaluation, he should have talent comparable to us; it’s not wrong that he lives at Parasol Tree Pavilion. You know Martial Master Mu’s personality – she isn’t someone who exaggerates things.”

As Mu Qianyu was mentioned, Yan Fuhong’s complexion was even uglier. He was naturally aware of her Saintess’ evaluation of Lin Ming. It was said that when the Seven Profound Valleys held their Total Faction Martial Meeting, her highness the Saintess had sent Martial Master Qinghong especially to observe the competition. It was only a small third-grade sect’s Martial Meeting, and yet Martial Master Qinghong was set out. Afterwards, the Saintess had even personally gone to the Seven Profound Valleys and stayed there a full two months.

This caused Yan Fuhong to feel uncomfortable. Mu Qianyu was an extremely high and transcendent existence within Divine Phoenix Island. Whoever she thought highly of, that person would rise to fame. “In less than half a year, the Parasol Tree Pavilion has gained another core disciple. After the 10 direct disciple spots are taken from the quota, there are only six more spots for those who can enter the central main hall of the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. Now there’s some fellow that popped out from nowhere who wants to steal our food! You should know that those people who can only enter the ordinary places of the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm are incomparable to those who can enter the central main hall!”

The girl in red glanced at Yan Fuhong and said, “There are only six spots, you think he can obtain one?”

“To enter the core hall doesn’t look at strength, only at one’s total comprehensive evaluation. And that evaluation score is decided by the elders. Don’t forget, Martial Master Mu’s voice has great sway among the others.

As the girl in red listened to Yan Fuhong’s words, she hung her head, thoughtful, “Then, what do you want to do?”

Yan Fuhong hesitated for a moment and then asked, “I heard that he was 16 years old?”


“16 years old… no matter how talented he is, his cultivation shouldn’t surpass the peak Pulse Condensation period. At most he should be at the mid or late Pulse Condensation period. Even if he is talented, he should be naïve and his strength minimal. Since it’s the Exalted Vice Island Master Tianguang’s 400th year celebratory feast, then as long as we see an opportunity…” As Yan Fuhong spoke, he tore out a pile of parasol tree leafs, his hands clenching as a fire flashed in his hands, burning the leaves to ashes.


Divine Phoenix Island’s main hall was a sprawling area that was covered by many buildings across dozens of mountain peaks. Lin Ming followed the red-robed Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang for over a half-hour walk before they reached a mountain range that was covered entirely by parasol trees. The trees were long and straight, reaching to the sky. Any one of these trees had a history of hundreds of years.

As Lin Ming walked through the parasol tree forest with Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang, he saw many youthful elites and heroes along the way, all of them around the age of 20 or so. Most of these youths all wore one of two types of clothing. The Vermillion Bird Faction disciples wore red robes with a Vermillion Bird and parasol tree image embroidered on their chest, and the Blue Luan Faction disciples wore blue clothing with a Blue Luan and jade bamboo embroidered on their chest.

Among these young heroes and elites, Lin Ming also saw youths that wore seven other different kinds of patterns. These clothing styles were obviously not from Divine Phoenix Province’s 19 third-grade sects.

Lin Ming couldn’t help but ask, “What sect do these people come from?”

Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang responded, “Since it’s almost Exalted Tianguang’s 400th birthday celebration, there are a total of eight other sects coming to celebrate. Among them is the South Horizon Region’s Supreme Mystery Temple and Dire Space Sect, but also those from the Five Element Region. For instance, the Sunfire Sect, Thundercrest Sect, Deep Earth Sect, Arctic Ice Palace, and so on.”

“Five Element Region?” Lin Ming’s curiosity was piqued. This was the first time that he had heard of matters outside of the South Horizon Region. Indeed, when one was stronger they would also have a broader view of the world. Before now, his view of the horizon had been limited to the Divine Phoenix Province only.

“Mm. The Five Element Region is a land west of the South Horizon Region, and their area is also larger than the South Horizon Region. The heaven and earth origin energy of the Five Element Region is different from the South Horizon Region, and the elements of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder are all split up. Therefore, over 90% of the martial artists in the Five Element Region have a true essence attribute, and that’s why there are also single attribute sects that arise such as the Sunfire Sect, Deep Earth Sect, and Thundercrest Sect.”

“That’s possible? The heaven and earth origin energy of two lands next to each other can be different?” Lin Ming was stunned; he didn’t think that the Five Element Region would be so spectacular.

Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang had already expected that Lin Ming would be ignorant about these things. He smoothly explained, “The ‘territories’ of Sky Spill Continent aren’t divided randomly. There are large differences between every region. For the heaven and earth origin energy to be different between these lands isn’t unusual at all. Even the heaven and earth origin energy above the Primal Chaos Heavens is different. In the Five Element Region, because the people there have been studying single-attribute cultivation methods and styles for countless generations, it could be said that their individual attribute arts have reached the pinnacle. For instance, the Sunfire Sect and Arctic Ice Palace think that their techniques of controlling fire and ice are superior to my Divine Phoenix Island. Since it is Exalted Tianguang’s celebratory birthday banquet, how could they miss such an opportunity to show off? They definitely must take this chance to compare their skills with my Divine Phoenix Island.

“Oh? Comparing cultivation methods at a birthday banquet?” Lin Ming was a bit surprised by this.

“It’s always been like this. Between the large sects, all they care about is face. As long as it’s some grand event like a the marriage or century birthday of a high-level character, then great powers will always gather together. At that time, there will always be a contest where they will compare skills and have a little bit of fun. In truth, this is just a display to see whose disciples are the most outstanding and who legacies are stronger. To the old cronies of the sect who want to know that their legacies are the best, their face is more valuable than their life.”

Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang was speaking with a friendly air as if he was proudly being a good teacher. To someone like Lin Ming who was ignorant of what happened in large sects, this was a satisfying chance to show off his psychological knowhow.

Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang seemed to be addicted to this feeling. He non-stop introduced the sects and their most excellent disciples to Lin Ming.

“The Five Element Region has a total of seven fourth-grade sects. Because of the characteristics of the heaven earth origin energy in their land, there is a fourth-grade sect that’s formed over each gathered elemental origin energy. As for the South Horizon region, we have a total of three fourth-grade sects and one fifth-grade sect. Although this sounds like less, we wouldn’t lose to them in terms of combat strength. For instance, our Divine Phoenix Island has the power to go against two fourth-grade sects!”

As Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang said this with a completely self-satisfied expression, Lin Ming was utterly speechless. Divine Phoenix Island was a top fourth-grade sect, so it wasn’t wrong that they could go against two other fourth-grade sects, but the so-called fifth-grade sect was obviously the South Sea Demon Region.

Could the South Sea Demon Region really be called a sect of the South Horizon Region!? If the South Horizon Region really fought with the Five Element Region, it would already be great if the South Sea Demon Region didn’t stab them in the back first.

“Do you see that girl in front? It doesn’t look quite obvious but she has a very fiery temper and is prone to fits. Be careful around her unless you want to bring disaster upon yourself.” Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang lowered his voice and then simply changed to true essence sound transmission. “She’s called Huo Ruyan, and is also known as the Sunfire Princess. She’s one of the top direct disciples of the Sunfire Sect, and her strength among the young heroic elites is listed in the second rank! Her technique at controlling fire is superb; not even our Vermillion Bird Faction’s Elder Senior-apprentice Brother could necessarily compare with her.”

Lin Ming followed as Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang said this, and casually glanced over at the parasol trees, seeing a young, confident looking girl wearing a crimson colored flexible armor. By her side was a young maid, and the two were chatting as they walked.

As they saw Lin Ming and Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang, the girls casually glanced at them and then no longer paid attention.

She really did have the qualifications to ignore them. Her cultivation was already at the early Houtian period, and Lin Ming was just at the late Pulse Condensation period. As for Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang, he was only at the peak Pulse Condensation period.

“How old is this Sunfire Princess?” Lin Ming was a bit interested. He could sense a very rich and pure fire origin energy emitting from this girl’s body. This sort of feeling absolutely came from a Flame Essence. Not only that, but it wasn’t a low-level Flame Essence.

“Should be around 18 or 19 years old. This Sunfire princess intends to put on a great show during this banquet.” Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang sourly said. In front of the famed Sunfire Princess, he naturally didn’t have any pride.

Lin Ming nodded, an 18-19 year old Houtian master was truly extraordinary.

“The Five Element Region’s seven sects have terrifying attainments in single-attribute cultivation methods. There is also someone at the Thundercrest Sect who is comparable to the Sunfire Princess. Their name is Zhou Lie, and this person is also called ‘the Thunderclap’, and was said to have absorbed a high-grade human-step Thunder Soul! This heroic elite is also listed as a second rank!”

“Arctic Ice Palace’s Bai Aoxuan is called the ‘Northern Snowy Sword’. His strength is also at the second rank!”

“There is Deep Earth Sect’s Shi Yun, his bodily defensive power is terrifying; his strength is at the third rank!”

“That is Gold Bell Mountain’s Liu Yue; his strength is third rank…”

Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang’s mouth was like a blossoming lotus as he spouted on and on, introducing over 20 people in a single endless breath. Lin Ming suddenly asked, puzzled, “There are second rank and third rank talents, but what about first rank?”

“First rank? Hehe…” Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang disdainfully laughed. “They wish. Well, the first rank talents are called ‘Saints’. In my current generation of Divine Phoenix Island, there isn’t any young heroic elite that is ranked as a ‘Saint’ talent. But, ten years ago, there were actually two…”

“Oh? Who were they?” Lin Ming asked, unthinking.

Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang looked at Lin Ming like he was an idiot. He patiently said, “They are Her Highness Mu Qianyu and Her Highness Mu Bingyun. They are twin sisters, didn’t you know?”

Lin Ming almost choked on himself, then silently traced his chin in embarrassment. He should have known this, it was just that he had always subconsciously regarded Mu Qianyu as a top character senior, and had ignored her age.

Mu Qianyu was only a young 27 years old. Ten years ago, she would have been around his age, and would have been a junior of her generation.

However, thinking of Mu Qianyu’s monstrous talent, he could imagine just how terrifying a ‘Saint’ level talent truly was. No wonder the seven fourth-grade sects of the Five Element Region couldn’t easily produce a Saint level talent.

As Lin Ming and Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang were speaking, there were others talking about him. Deep within the forest of parasol trees, there was a blue-clothed man with clouds embroidered on his chest eating some pine nuts as he asked Yan Fuhong, “Brother Yan, that’s the fellow from your Divine Phoenix Island that is regarded so highly by Fairy Maiden Mu?”


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