Chapter 354 - Parasol Tree Pavilion

Chapter 354 – Parasol Tree Pavilion

“Oh? He’ll be living at our Parasol Tree Pavilion?” The red-robed man’s eyebrows rose in a challenge, and then his face sank. This man was a core disciple of Divine Phoenix Island’s Vermillion Bird Faction, named Yan Fuhong, otherwise called Sir Fuhong.

In Divine Phoenix Island, the disciples were ranked in the same manner as in the Seven Profound Valleys. The direct disciples were at the top, and there were around 10 of them. As for core disciples, they were only inferior to these direct disciples. Lin Ming was evaluated as a heaven-step talent, and he would be receiving treatment equal to a core disciple.

Yan Fuhong said, “The Parasol Tree Pavilion is where the core disciples of the Vermillion Bird Faction live. Do the masters really intend on taking this fellow in as a core disciple?”

“I think that’s the meaning.” The young girl shrugged, not to happy that Lin Ming would be sticking his spoon in the pot of soup. “But since Martial Master Mu has given him such a high evaluation, he should have talent comparable to us; it’s not wrong that he lives at Parasol Tree Pavilion. You know Martial Master Mu’s personality – she isn’t someone who exaggerates things.”

As Mu Qianyu was mentioned, Yan Fuhong’s complexion was even uglier. He was naturally aware of her Saintess’ evaluation of Lin Ming. It was said that when the...

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