Chapter 352 - Seclusion

Chapter 352 Seclusion.


Chapter 352 – Seclusion

“I want these inscription materials, I’ll trade you five Heaven Opening Pills for them. I can’t pay you now, but I’ll be sure to pay you back within the next two years.” Lin Ming said to Zhou Xinyu as he pointed at the massive pile of materials in the room.

Five Heaven Opening Pills was far from covering the entire price of the room of rare and precious materials. Not only that, but Lin Ming was only making a future promise for what he would owe. Of course, they had already stated beforehand that besides true essence stones, treasures, and cultivation method manual jade slips, all else would be divided between them. Although these materials were precious, they weren’t very useful to Zhou Xinyu in comparison to Heaven Opening Pills. Lin Ming also added on, “And I won’t take anything else.”

Zhou Xinyu agreed as before. After entering the treasure storehouse, almost everything had been divided according to Lin Ming’s thoughts; she didn’t oppose his suggestions at all.

Lin Ming also said, “I’ll be going into seclusion here for three months. Afterwards, I’ll be leaving for Divine Phoenix Island. Would you like to travel together with me?”

Mu Qianyu had given Lin Ming three months before he had to return to Divine Phoenix Island and enter the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. He would be idling around for these three...

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