Chapter 350 - Dark Moon Island

Chapter 350 Dark Moon Island.


Chapter 350 – Dark Moon Island

There were many dangerous locations within Sky Spill Continent, and there were countless places where Xiantian masters had perished. There were even many dangerous places that would be fatal to Revolving Core masters.

Relatively speaking, Dark Moon Island wasn’t much of a dangerous land; at most, it was threatening to Houtian masters. When a true Xiantian master came, they naturally wouldn’t be threatened by an existence like the Ghost King. In fact, even if a Xiantian master and the Ghost King met, chances were that the two masters wouldn’t fight each other. With two strong beings fighting, there would definitely be injuries on both sides. If it wasn’t for some great treasure or benefit, then naturally there was no need to risk a life or death battle.

With Lin Ming’s current cultivation, it was still dangerous coming to Dark Moon Island. But with the Moon Seizing sect’s secret skill to hide one’s breathe, the chances of being found by the Ghost King were slim.

Before coming to Dark Moon Island, Lin Ming also visited Huoluo Nation’s Seraphic Pond along the way.

This was from a bet that Huoluo Nation’s Seven Profound Martial House Master Liang had lost before. But because Lin Ming had been constantly busy dealing with other matters, he hadn’t...

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