Chapter 349 - To Inherit

Chapter 349 To Inherit.


Chapter 349 – To Inherit

Lin Ming was silent. For a full hour, his mother had discussed marriage with him. As he remembered the hidden bitterness in her eyes, even he felt a headache coming on.

Lin Ming subconsciously tried to avoid love and marriage. This wasn’t because he had failed ins this field or before. Although Lin Ming was very sad when Lan Yunyue betrayed him, this sadness was more because of himself. He hated that he didn’t fight back, and he hated that he didn’t have the power to.

Now, these matters had been cleared long ago; it hadn’t even left much of a mark on Lin Ming’s mind.

Lin Ming would be lying to himself if he said that he didn’t have feelings towards Qin Xingxuan, because he did. However, he could not marry her, because he could not afford to shoulder this responsibility. He was destined to leave Sky Fortune Kingdom, leave the Divine Phoenix Province, leave the South Horizon Region, and break through the martial void.

This path was extremely dangerous. A single accident, a single misstep, and he would be doomed. It was impossible to bring Qin Xingxuan along this road, because she would die.

But if he didn’t bring Qin Xingxuan with him, and asked that she stay home with his mother, that would also be impossible, because it was just...

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