Chapter 348 - A Young Girl’s Desires

Chapter 348 A Young Girl’s Desires.


Chapter 348 – A Young Girl’s Desires

Seeing Qin Xingxuan’s reaction, Muyi grinned and said, “There are some matters that are too late once you miss your chance; you don’t think that boy will approach you on his own initiative do you?”

Muyi’s words that hit the mark caused Qin Xingxuan to not even be able to lift her head in shame. Although the traditions of Sky Fortune Kingdom were on the conservative side, the truth was that there were always many girls that would boldly court those they liked. Back during the grand banquet at Sky Fortune City, Lin Ming had been encircled by mobs of cawing girls. Some of them were pushed by their parents, and some went of their own volition. This situation was common, and elders that saw this would just smile and laugh; it was a perfectly normal situation.

However, Qin Xingxuan had always subconsciously felt that the matters between a man and woman couldn’t be forced, nature had to take its course. If one purposefully pushed things, there might not always be a happy ending. She didn’t know whether or not Lin Ming liked her in that manner. If he didn’t, then it would be an awkward situation for both of them.

Muyi saw through Qin Xingxuan’s thoughts. He said, “Of course, if the tide comes to you, then that’s a great thing. But sometimes, if you don’t take action and the tide ebbs,...

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