Chapter 346 - Location of the Hidden Treasure

Chapter 346 Location of the Hidden Treasure.


Chapter 346 – Location of the Hidden Treasure

Zhou Xinyu knew that the reason Lin Ming had taken such a big risk and gambled his own life was for the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal. If Lin Ming hadn’t helped her, she would never have survived this calamity, much less have any hope of reviving the Moon Seizing Sect.

The reason she made this choice was that she had been compelled by circumstance…

Thinking this, Zhou Xinyu felt much better in her heart. She whispered, “I have the key to the hidden treasure on me. As for where it is, it’s within the South Sea, located on Dark Moon Island.”

“Dark Moon Island?” Lin Ming was stunned for a moment. These past few months, he had read many ancient texts, and had a much better understanding of the major powers of the South Horizon Region, as well as the local customs, conditions, and geography. As for Dark Moon Island, that was a place he had read about. It was a dangerous area within the South Sea, and was the eye of the South Sea’s Yin earth pulse. All year round, frost Yin energy was gathered there. It was said that in ancient times, an unparalleled war had taken place on that island, and countless powerhouses had died.

Since then, a bone-chilling wind and a black fog covered the island all...

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