Chapter 345 - Reborn

Chapter 345 Reborn.


Chapter 345 – Reborn

Huang Sanping’s lips trembled, and his voice shook as he asked, “You… you are Lin Ming?”

Lin Ming glanced at Huang Sanping in surprise; he hadn’t expected that the mewling kid in front of him would guess his identity the moment before his own death. But, it wasn’t too difficult to guess. The strength he had just shown belonged to a sect’s absolute top talent, and this was also the territory of the Seven Profound Valleys. His name had been floating around for a while, ever since Divine Phoenix Island had announced him as their sole heaven-step talent.

This time, Lin Ming had no need to hide anything. He indifferently nodded and said, “That’s right.”

“So you were…” Huang Sanping’s frightened face bent up in an awkward smile. As he smiled, his face began to twitch, and it looked somewhere between an extremely ugly laugh and a cry.

As one of the geniuses on Divine Phoenix Island’s joint talent training program, how could he never have heard the name of Lin Ming, the only heaven-step talent that was listed. A heaven-step talent could enjoy treatment equal to a core disciple of Divine Phoenix Island.

How many people envied?

How many people were jealous?

Huang Sanping had always been an extremely jealous man. When he had heard of this, jealousy had flooded his entire body, incapacitating...

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