Chapter 344 - Thunder Breaking Demon Arts

Chapter 344 Thunder Breaking Demon Arts.


Chapter 344 – Thunder Breaking Demon Arts

“You… who are you?”

Huang Zixuan looked at Lin Ming, alarmed. Before they had chased him all the way here, in that short instant when they fought, he hadn’t been able to clearly see Lin Ming’s cultivation. But now that Lin Ming was in front of him, he saw that he was at the late Pulse Condensation period.

For someone who had just entered the Pulse Condensation period to actually be able to swallow the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal with that cultivation and not die, yet also have the strength to suppress him afterwards… was there really such a person in this world?

Lin Ming didn’t waste time responding to Huang Zixuan’s nonsense. After he swallowed the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal and tempered his marrow, his body had to produce new blood. Although he had smoothly entered into the late Pulse Condensation period, the process of creating new blood after tempering his marrow had exhausted nearly all of his true essence. Now the energy he used was almost purely from the compressed true essence that was hidden within the Heretical God Seed. But, this sort of true essence would be consumed quickly. It was equal to opening the Heretical God Force – it was impossible for...

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