Chapter 343 - Broken Bones

Chapter 343 Broken Bones.


Chapter 343 – Broken Bones

However, now that three hours passed, Lin Ming’s breath of life was almost at its end, and there was no master that accidently passed by to save them. It seemed as if… the god of death had cast his final judgement!

Zhou Xinyu bit her lip until it hurt, then she suddenly swiveled towards Lin Ming behind her, thrusting the coldly shining dagger she held into his chest!


The dagger pierced through!

Lin Ming was thrust back by the impact of Zhou Xinyu’s dagger. At that same time, with an explosion, the dreamland enchantment completely shattered!

How… how could this happen?

Zhou Xinyu was shocked. This dagger of hers was a high-grade human-step treasure. After she poured her true essence into it, she would be able to cut Lin Ming like a piece of tofu, especially since he didn’t have any true essence protecting him. But as the dagger slid a third of the way through, it suddenly became stuck in his ribs.

To stab, it would not stab through.

To pull out, she could not pull it out.

However, in this short delay, Zhou Xinyu had already lost the chance to commit suicide.

“You want to die? It’s not that easy!...

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