Chapter 342 - Marrow like Golden Soup

Chapter 342 Marrow like Golden Soup.


Chapter 342 – Marrow like Golden Soup

When Lin Ming had swallowed the Heaven Opening Pill, he had only been able to temper a portion of his right hand because of the limited medicinal efficacy.

After Tempering Marrow, Lin Ming’s right hand experienced a massive increase in defensive power and attack power. But, at most it was equal to another trump card; the overall increase in Lin Ming’s total strength wasn’t too great.

This time, Lin Ming decided to use half of the energy to temper both of his hands, and the other half to temper his entire body.

Only when his entire body had undergone Tempering Marrow would his overall strength rise.

Pa pa pa!

With a sound that was like firewood crackling in flames, Lin Ming grit his teeth and began to revolve the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’. The manic energy burned through the impurities of his marrow. This painful ache as if one’s bones were being set on fire could be imagined.

Lin Ming was supporting himself with his will alone. Once the energy had been swallowed into his body, it could only be refined; failure meant immediate death!

With the advancement of the tempering, a blackish-red color began...

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