Chapter 340 - Shattered Crystal Blood Diffusion

Chapter 340 Shattered Crystal Blood Diffusion.


Chapter 340 – Shattered Crystal Blood Diffusion

Lin Ming naturally didn’t notice Zhou Xinyu’s young, girlish thoughts. He was only quickly thinking of a way to escape from this predicament.

Once Huang Zixuan caught up, Zhou Xinyu would die. As for him, facing an assault from a late Houtian master and a peak Houtian master, his odds weren’t looking too great either.

As for attacking Huang Zixuan’s mount, if Lin Ming could attack the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle, then the enemy could also attack his Winged Flood Dragon. If Lin Ming wanted to compare his single attacks to the attacks of three Houtian masters against each other’s mounts, he would be the one on the losing end.

No matter how Lin Ming looked at things, he had been forced into an absolute dead end.

Calm down, calm down, there’s always a way out… Lin Ming completely relaxed his mind, and his breathing slowed down. He slowly thought about the possible escape methods and rejected them one at a time.

It seemed… as if there was only one road to walk…

But walking down this road was also extremely dangerous. A single careless mistake and he would be beyond redemption!

Lin Ming took a deep breath and soon decided. In the path of martial arts, there were already countless...

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