Chapter 339 - Barren Mountain Dead End

Chapter 339 Barren Mountain Dead End.


Chapter 339 – Barren Mountain Dead End

“Sir Lin… I…” Zhou Xinyu opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something to Lin Ming, but in the end she didn’t know what to say. “Sir Lin… is this your mount?”

After asking this, Zhou Xinyu was a bit embarrassed. This was a question with an obvious answer, she was just trying to find some way to open up a conversation.

Lin Ming nodded, “Yes, its name is Chi Yan.”

“What a beautiful Winged Flood Dragon. This is my first time seeing one. Before, I had only ever seen it in the ancient texts.” Zhou Xinyu looked at the fiery flame-colored wings of the Winged Flood Dragon, a very fond look in her eyes.

These long crimson feathers were truly gorgeous.

“I heard that the Winged Flood Dragon has the bloodline of the Winged Rain Dragon, and that after growing up it can compare with a Xiantian powerhouse.” Zhou Xinyu’s large eyes widened as she curiously stroked the Winged Flood Dragon’s cold and hard dragon scales.

“Yes, but right now Chi Yan is only a child, so its strength is only at the middle Houtian, late Houtian realm.” When Lin Ming had rescued Zhou Xinyu a moment ago, he hadn’t dared to summon the Winged Flood Dragon early. He was afraid that the Winged Flood Dragon...

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