Chapter 339 - Barren Mountain Dead End

Chapter 339 Barren Mountain Dead End.


Chapter 339 – Barren Mountain Dead End

“Sir Lin… I…” Zhou Xinyu opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something to Lin Ming, but in the end she didn’t know what to say. “Sir Lin… is this your mount?”

After asking this, Zhou Xinyu was a bit embarrassed. This was a question with an obvious answer, she was just trying to find some way to open up a conversation.

Lin Ming nodded, “Yes, its name is Chi Yan.”

“What a beautiful Winged Flood Dragon. This is my first time seeing one. Before, I had only ever seen it in the ancient texts.” Zhou Xinyu looked at the fiery flame-colored wings of the Winged Flood Dragon, a very fond look in her eyes.

These long crimson feathers were truly gorgeous.

“I heard that the Winged Flood Dragon has the bloodline of the Winged Rain Dragon, and that after growing up it can compare with a Xiantian powerhouse.” Zhou Xinyu’s large eyes widened as she curiously stroked the Winged Flood Dragon’s cold and hard dragon scales.

“Yes, but right now Chi Yan is only a child, so its strength is only at the middle Houtian, late Houtian realm.” When Lin Ming had rescued Zhou Xinyu a moment ago, he hadn’t dared to summon the Winged Flood Dragon early. He was afraid that the Winged Flood Dragon would be blocked by the black-shrouded man or someone else. Also, with the Winged Flood Dragon’s strength, it wouldn’t be easy for it to break through the barrier array.

“That’s right, Sir Lin, how did you pass through the barrier array?” This thought just popped into Zhou Xinyu’s mind. After so many inconceivable matters had occurred one after the other a moment ago, she wanted to ask why, but in the end she didn’t because the questions she might ask would involve Lin Ming’s secrets.

Lin Ming casually explained, “The man who laid down the barrier array was an extremely amateurish array master, and I also happen to have a slight understanding of array formations.”

Normally, laying down such a massive array formation required at least a Xiantian cultivation. For instance, the Seven Profound Martial House’s Ten Thousand Killing Array and seven major killing arrays were all laid down by Xiantian masters. Huang Zixuan wasn’t from the Array Faction, and his cultivation wasn’t high. He had barely been able to lay down the array formation, so naturally it was full of flaws and holes.

As for Lin Ming, he had inherited the memories of an array master from the Realm of the Gods, and he had also been able to point out many flaws in Ancestor Chi Yan’s eight trigrams fire formation. Afterwards, he had even discussed array formations with Ancestor Chi Yan for nearly an entire month.

Ancestor Chi Yan’s understanding and comprehension of array formations was naturally not something that a nobody like Huang Zixuan could compare with, or even something the Seven Profound Valleys’ Array Faction could compare with. Lin Ming had benefitted a great deal from his talks with Ancestor Chi Yan, gradually merging together the Realm of the Gods’ array formation principles and those of Sky Spill Continent.

As for the current Lin Ming, although he hadn’t yet laid down array formations himself, his understanding of the principles behind array formations had reached an extremely high level. After all, the theoretical cores of the Realm of the Gods’ array formation techniques and Sky Spill Continent’s array formation techniques were the same.  

Just before they had escaped, Lin Ming had entered into the ethereal martial intent and was able to examine the barrier array. As he carefully studied the structure of the barrier array, he had found a significant flaw which had allowed him to successfully pass through.

Otherwise, if he directly rushed through, even if Lin Ming understood array formation principles to a much greater degree, he wouldn’t be able to break through the barrier array without pausing.

Listening to Lin Ming’s casual explanation, Zhou Xinyu could only ruefully smile. Could this still only be considered as having a ‘slight understanding’ of array formations?

Although Huang Zixuan wasn’t very accomplished in array formations, a barrier array couldn’t be easily passed through as if it never existed.

It could only be said that Lin Ming’s degree of array formation understanding was on an equal level with Huang Zixuan. Zhou Xinyu was completely unable to imagine how Lin Ming could have such astonishing progress in his martial arts cultivation and also be skilled in the Dao of array formations at a tender age of 16. From ancient times until now, what array master hadn’t spent dozens of years before finally being able to gain some accomplishments in the Dao of array formations?

Zhou Xinyu could only sigh. Lin Ming’s talent was already completely beyond her realm of understanding.

At this point, Zhou Xinyu suddenly heard a vague eagle cry from behind. Her heart turned cold, and she looked back. Under the bright moon, against the inky jet black night sky, there was a golden speck rapidly chasing them.

Zhou Xinyu’s heart jumped, she nervously said, “Sir Lin, they’re chasing us!”

“Mm, I know.” Lin Ming didn’t look back. When that golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle had been taken back by its handler, he had already expected this.

The golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle was several times faster than an ordinary Heavenly Wing Eagle, and was a precious mount that had the bloodline of a Saint Beast. Its bloodline could be traced all the way back to the Golden-winged Roc.

Although the Golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle’s bloodline purity was much less than that of the Winged Flood Dragon, the Winged Flood Dragon that Lin Ming sat on was still a child. As for the Moon Seizing Sect’s golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle, it was in the prime of its life.

Thus, the Winged Flood Dragon had no advantage in terms of speed.

“Sir Lin, what do we do?” Zhou Xinyu was already accustomed to relying on Lin Ming. After those matters that happened awhile ago, they had given Zhou Xinyu a faint feeling that no matter what danger they would be in, Lin Ming would always have a way out.

“We’ll run away first then figure it out.” Lin Ming’s reply was very cheeky. First he would leave the range of Green Mulberry City, so he wouldn’t draw them into any possible calamity.

As long as the Winged Flood Dragon and the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle didn’t have too great a difference in flying speed, everything would be much easier. Qin Ziya wasn’t too far off. If they could use a sound transmitting talisman soon to find out where Qin Ziya’s location was and then fly to him, it would only take a few hours with the Winged Flood Dragon’s speed.

After they reached Qin Ziya, nothing would be a problem.

At this moment, Zhou Xinyu was startled. She said, “Sir Lin, this is bad, they suddenly accelerated by a lot.”

“Mm?” Lin Ming turned back and glanced at the horizon. He saw that the figure of the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle had grown larger, and although it was still far away, he could see that the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle’s body seemed to be colored in a touch of red.

“That’s the Golden Acupuncture Technique. They use a three foot long needle that’s as thick as a finger to stimulate the full potential of the Golden Wing, letting it break through to it’s speed limit.” Zhou Xinyu clenched her teeth as she said this, her heart full of anger and hate. This technique would cause irreversible damage to the Heavenly Wind Eagle, and if it continued flying for too long, it would exhaust its life force.

Although the reason that Zhou Xinyu had ended up in this position was the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle, in the end, the Golden Wing didn’t differentiate between right or wrong, it just obeyed commands as it followed its instincts. It wasn’t at fault. If there was someone to blame, it would be Huang Sanping for being too cruel.

The golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle became increasingly fast. In an instant, it had closed half of the gap between it and Lin Ming. Zhou Xinyu could even clearly make out the figures on the back of the Golden Wing; Huang Sanping’s face was full of blood and hideous.

Huang Sanping’s cultivation was only at the peak Pulse Condensation period. Lin Ming had struck out with intent to kill, but his move was blocked by Huang Zixuan. Finally, he had only been able to severely wound him

When Huang Sanping woke up after eating many pills and medicines, he still had multiple broken bones, was covered with bruises, and even his meridians were damaged.

Such a heavy injury couldn’t be considered a debilitating disability that affected his future cultivation, but it was enough for him to stay home for several months. For those talents that seized every second and minute they could to cultivate, not being able to do so for such a long time was naturally a great loss. Now Huang Sanping wanted to capture Lin Ming and Zhou Xinyu alive and brutally cripple them, wasting their martial arts. He would torture Lin Ming until he begged for death, and then he would imprison Zhou Xinyu, violating and abusing her.

Only this would be able to assuage the hate in his heart.

Because his anger had aggravated the true essence in his body, Huang Sanping gave a stuffy cough and almost spat blood. He took a pill from his spatial ring, swallowing it, then asking the small man, “Can you go faster?”

The value of the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle was naturally not worth mentioning in comparison to Lin Ming and Zhou Xinyu. Also, this was Sky Fortune Kingdom – the territory of the Seven Profound Valleys. If they didn’t catch up to those two and they managed to find support, then everything would be much more difficult.

“Not possible. If I pierce the Golden Wing again, it won’t be able to hold out.” The small man held a long, cold needle in his hand. Under his feet, the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle’s back was layered in red, and its golden feathers stood on end, shivering.

“Ping’er, don’t worry. Up ahead is a barren mountain. Even if they have support, they won’t arrive so quickly. As long as we can catch up to them before they reach the barren mountains, they won’t be able to run away.” Huang Zixuan’s eyes shined with a cold light. He also loathed Lin Ming.

“Second Uncle, who is that boy? Do you know?” Huang Sanping asked.

“I don’t.” Huang Zixuan shook his head. “But his cultivation isn’t at the Houtian realm. He should be some large sect’s genius disciple, most likely an earth-step talent. If it’s like this, then we definitely cannot let him leave. If we do, then I fear we won’t have any place to safely go in the future.

Huang Zixuan was sullen. He thought for a moment and said, “Or maybe our situation has already been revealed by him using a sound transmitting talisman. We’ll have to bet everything we have on this gamble; our only chance is to succeed at all costs. After we obtain the resources, we’ll leave the Divine Phoenix Province and conceal our identities. With the resources of the Moon Seizing Sect, we’ll be able to establish our own influence!”

As Huang Zixuan thought this, he felt the blood in his body accelerate. To be the founder of his own sect and become a sect master, just how thrilling and wonderful would that be?


The wind whistled. Lin Ming had already ridden the Winged Flood Dragon to the skies just before the barren mountains. This was a lone mountain range within Sky Fortune Kingdom; there was rarely anyone here.

But their pursuers were getting closer and closer. If it continued like this, they would catch up in half an incense stick of time.

Zhou Xinyu stood behind Lin Ming and was also anxious as she saw the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle approach, but also felt a twinge of guilt. She looked at Lin Ming, her heart confused, and she said, “Sorry, I’ve put you in danger.”

“There’s nothing you need to apologize to me for. Lucky chances come with their own risks. This is a decision I made of my own will; I’m just doing what I need to do.”

“Oh…” Zhou Xinyu bit her lips and sighed in her heart. Although she felt grateful and guilty towards Lin Ming, hearing him say that he was just doing what he needed to do still made her heart feel inexplicably uncomfortable. Even she felt this feeling was ridiculous and didn’t make any sense at all. Maybe it was because she was at the edge of death and was looking for some way to console her spirit, but she subconsciously didn’t want this life and death experience to be because of what benefits they would offer each other…

As Zhou Xinyu thought this, she shook her head in self-deprecation.


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