Chapter 338 - Speed of Life and Death

Chapter 338 Speed of Life and Death.


Chapter 338 – Speed of Life and Death

As Huang Zixuan saw Huang Sanping instantly suffer a major injury, his eyes turned red with rage, “Scoundrel! I’ll kill you!”

Now he would naturally kill Lin Ming first. However, just as Huang Zixuan’s eyes lit with a grim light and he was about to use his master stroke, his complexion instantly changed.

Huang Zixuan saw that another spear had appeared in Lin Ming’s hand. As Lin Ming grasped the long spear, his body erupted with true essence, the energy circulating within him to the limit, 20,000 jins of human strength bursting forth.


The spear shot out, piercing forth like an arrow towards Huang Sanping. The air trembled, the wind howled, the power of his spear was enough to level a palace!

Huang Zixuan’s eyes were bloodshot, “You scoundrel, I’ll have you remember me!”

Huang Zixuan didn’t have time to deal with Lin Ming right now. He launched his movement technique and had to chase after the spear. Otherwise, if the severely wounded Huang Sanping who had been put into a coma was struck, he would die without a doubt.


Lin Ming sank. He grabbed the stunned Zhou Xinyu and rushed out of the camp.

If Lin Ming wanted to rescue Zhou Xinyu under the gaze of Hang Zixuan, this was the only way. Otherwise, with Lin Ming’s speed, it was impossible to escape from Huang Zixuan while bringing someone else. He could only strike at Huang Sanping and force Huang Zixuan to save him; this was their only chance at survival!

“Where are you going?”

At this time, Lin Ming suddenly heard a shout from above him, and then the howling of sword energy. The man who attacked him was the man who had stood with Huang Zixuan, the middle Houtian realm martial artist.

This middle Houtian martial artist felt that Lin Ming was strong, and only wanted to pin down Lin Ming and prevent him from escaping, letting Huang Zixuan return and kill Lin Ming himself. Thus, he had slashed out with a large amount of sword energy, wanting to force Lin Ming into a sieged position and blocking him from running.

“Out of my way!”

At this time, Lin Ming overflowed with killing intent. Whoever dared to stop him would die! He flicked his finger, the coiling dragon steel needle howled!

Boom boom boom!

The sword energies were completely shattered. The coiling dragon steel needle roared as it shot towards the middle Houtian martial artist, his complexion completely changed, paling. The man linked his hands together, and five true essence shields appeared before him. However, there was only a popping sound as the true essence shields blew up. When the last true essence shield was about to break, the coiling dragon steel needle exploded, purple thunder radiated out, and the man screamed. Half of his body was blown to bits, and he fell down from the sky.

Lin Ming didn’t even glance at him. Both of his feet moved at full speed towards the outside of the barrier array. After the coiling dragon steel needle had nearly killed the middle Houtian martial artist, it whistled as it caught up to Lin Ming, submerging back into his body.

With the Concept of Wind fused into his movements, Lin Ming’s body began to fly up. At that moment, Zhou Xinyu only felt Lin Ming pulling up her hand, the whirring wind in her ears. She looked down to see that her feet were getting farther and farther away from the ground, and she was incredulous as in a brief moment, she was suddenly dozens of feet up in the air. After steadying her mind from the series of electric brilliances that had made her dizzy, she finally realized that an impossible matter had occurred.

“We’re… flying… flying up?”

How was this possible?

Lin Ming could actually fly!?

This was clearly an ability that only a Xiantian master could have!

In the chaos, Zhou Xinyu no longer had any words to voice her thoughts. As she saw a great curtain of light approaching, her complexion changed; the barrier formation was ahead!

Lin Ming’s pupils narrowed. Although he didn’t look back, his perception was already locked onto the black-shrouded man. This fellow had already rescued Huang Sanping, and was now chasing him!

Time was extremely tight! If he stopped to attack the barrier array, even if it only took several breaths of time, the black-shrouded man would catch up!

“Boy, you cannot run away!” As Huang Zixuan chased Lin Ming from behind, he saw with his own eyes as Lin Ming brought Zhou Xinyu flying into the sky, and a inexplicable horror quickly passed over his face. “What sort of rare flying treasure does this boy have? Humph it doesn’t matter. With the barrier array formation supported by Third Brother, it will take him time to break it. I’ll capture this boy alive and take a good look at what secrets he has on his body!”

“Sir Lin, in… in front!”

Seeing Lin Ming not even slow down as he approached the barrier array, Zhou Xinyu’s pretty face drained of all blood. She thought it was impossible that Lin Ming hadn’t discovered the barrier array, but now it seemed that Lin Ming was even helplessly running into it!

His speed was too quick. From the time that Zhou Xinyu had felt that something was strange to the point that she spoke, it was already too late!


Zhou Xinyu screamed in panic as she closed both her eyes. At this speed, it was equal to crashing into the ground from thousands of feet high. If they didn’t die, they would at least be severely wounded!


At the split second that Lin Ming and Zhou Xinyu dashed into the barrier array, the space in front of them seemed to have a strange distortion. Lin Ming and Zhou Xinyu flew through the barrier array like a swallow through smoke, rushing past, unimpeded!

Close behind Lin Ming in hot pursuit, Huang Zixuan had been counting on the barrier array to stop Lin Ming. But now, his eyes widened as he stared at this scene before him.

How was this possible!?

At this moment, on Lin Ming’s back, Zhou Xinyu had her eyes closed, and her face was pale as she screamed with all her might.

A girl’s scream contained a truly terrifying energy.

She had screamed out for several breaths of times before she found that something was wrong. She opened her eyes and saw the surrounding scenery rapidly blurring. They had apparently already made it outside the army camp.

They passed through the barrier array?

She turned her head to look. The barrier array was truly behind them!

“This… what… how… how did this happen?”

Zhou Xinyu was instantly placed in a confused state of mind… how had they managed to pass through?

At first, Lin Ming had saved her from a nearly impossible situation from under the watchful eyes of Huang Zixuan. Then, they had flown into the sky without help from any tools or treasures, and now they had flown past the barrier array without any hindrance!

As impossible events occurred one after another, Zhou Xinyu was overwhelmed. She could only look in incredulity at Lin Ming’s hand grabbing hers. From her angle, she could only see Lin Ming’s profile.

His face was expressionless. Whether she screamed or was turned silly, he remained unmoved, only rushing forwards. Through that entire series of life and death events that had caused Zhou Xinyu’s heart to stop one after another, Lin Ming had never lost his calm even once. His eyes that looked straight forward seemed to be as deep and profound as the stars in the night sky, giving off a sense of security and a feeling that he was someone she could rely on, as if he were an omnipotent being…

At that moment, turbulent waves began to surge in Zhou Xinyu’s heart…


“Damn, why was the barrier array malfunctioning at this time? Just what is Third Brother doing!?”

Huang Zixuan was enraged. He quickly attributed everything to a malfunction in the barrier array. His third brother was only the most basic and crude of array masters, but a situation in which there was a glitch in the array formation had never happened before.

As Huang Zixuan cursed his third brother as an incompetent mess, he launched his movement technique and rushed forth, wanting to cross through the barrier array. This sort of shoddy array formation naturally didn’t recognize individuals. If Huang Zixuan wanted to pass, he didn’t need to destroy it, but he still had to put in a decent amount of effort.

But now that the barrier array had failed, there was no need to waste so much time. He could directly rush through and save himself the effort.

Dozens of feet passed in a fleeting second.

Soon, as Huang Zixuan was about to break through the barrier array at full speed, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.


He tried to make an emergency stop, but there wasn’t enough time. With a ‘peng’ sound like a piece of pork slapping against a cutting board, Huang Zixuan collided solidly against the barrier array. His head was knocked into confusion, and even his intestines seemed to be scrambled.

Seeing this, Zhou Xinyu’s eyes widened. She watched as Huang Zixuan struck the barrier array like a blind fly, spitting blood and limping down to the floor…

Zhou Xinyu’s mouth widened in surprise. What happened to Huang Zixuan?

Zhou Xinyu wanted to take a good look at just how this unusual and fortunate change of events occurred, but Lin Ming was too fast. In a blink of an eye, Huang Zixuan had disappeared into the endless night, invisible.


“You idiot!”

Huang Zixuan was furious. He tossed back a bunch of healing pills and screamed out, “Third Brother you idiotic fool! Hurry up and remove the array, we’ll catch up to him together!”


A high-pitched bird cry sounded out, and the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle shot into the sky. Huang Zixuan, the handler, the severely wounded Huang Sanping, Huang Zixuan’s younger Third Brother, and a Houtian martial artist all leapt onto the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle together, chasing after Lin Ming.

Heard the cry of the eagle, Zhou Xinyu panicked. She had been wondering how Huang Zixuan had found her so quickly, and it seemed as if the truth lay within the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle!

Alas, this golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle which was her only means of transportation, as well as the beast that had protected her life, had actually become something that had almost killed her.

“Lin… Sir Lin… they’re riding the Golden Wing…”

As Zhou Xinyu worriedly spoke, she hadn’t even finished when she suddenly shut up. Her eyes widened as she saw a massive dragon-shaped beast with a 60 foot wingspan and a long tail, its entire body covered in shimmering scales, fly up from a deep dark mountain valley.

Its scales were like crimson fire, and its eyes were a deep glazed gold. Its teeth were sharp, and it gave off an aura that made one’s heart race! This was clearly a winged red dragon!

This… this is…

Zhou Xinyu gulped, her expression bitter. With the beast tide freely rampaging area, they had actually encountered such a high-grade vicious beast. This was normal, but for them to encounter such a beast at this time and have to fight it off, that was simply bad luck.

Zhou Xinyu didn’t know what to do. But at this time, Lin Ming yanked her hand, throwing her straight towards the Winged Flood Dragon.


The bass dragon roar resounded throughout the world; the clouds split in half!

Zhou Xinyu was stunned. Lin Ming stepped onto the back of the Winged Flood Dragon, and then the Winged Flood Dragon spread open its massive wings. It was like a flaming red feathered arrow, directly piercing into the dark blue sky!

Zhou Xinyu was speechless with horror. Now that she stepped onto the solid back of the red dragon beast, she could hear the howling of the wind and the terrifying roars of the beast, like a saber cutting through grass. Just by the wind buffeting against her, one could imagine how fast this red dragon beast was flying!

‘This is… Sir Lin’s mount?’

‘It is… a Winged Flood Dragon?’

In the rush a moment ago, Zhou Xinyu wasn’t able to clearly recall the origins of this vicious beast. But when she calmed down a bit and had time to think, she suddenly remembered that she had read about this Winged Flood Dragon in the ancient texts. Its value was at least 10 times higher than the golden-winged Heavenly Wind Eagle! And after growing up, it would be a vicious beast equal to a Xiantian master!

She opened her mouth several times, but as she saw Lin Ming standing in front of her, a cold and indifferent expression on his face, she didn’t know what to say.

“What do you want to say?” Lin Ming suddenly turned his head, looking at Zhou Xinyu.


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