Chapter 338 - Speed of Life and Death

Chapter 338 Speed of Life and Death.


Chapter 338 – Speed of Life and Death

As Huang Zixuan saw Huang Sanping instantly suffer a major injury, his eyes turned red with rage, “Scoundrel! I’ll kill you!”

Now he would naturally kill Lin Ming first. However, just as Huang Zixuan’s eyes lit with a grim light and he was about to use his master stroke, his complexion instantly changed.

Huang Zixuan saw that another spear had appeared in Lin Ming’s hand. As Lin Ming grasped the long spear, his body erupted with true essence, the energy circulating within him to the limit, 20,000 jins of human strength bursting forth.


The spear shot out, piercing forth like an arrow towards Huang Sanping. The air trembled, the wind howled, the power of his spear was enough to level a palace!

Huang Zixuan’s eyes were bloodshot, “You scoundrel, I’ll have you remember me!”

Huang Zixuan didn’t have time to deal with Lin Ming right now. He launched his movement technique and had to chase after the spear. Otherwise, if the severely wounded Huang Sanping who had been put into a coma was struck, he would die without a doubt.


Lin Ming sank. He grabbed the stunned Zhou Xinyu and rushed out of the camp.

If Lin Ming wanted to rescue Zhou Xinyu under the gaze...

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